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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Dairun Cates commented on US VC Releases - 31st December - Light Crusader:

I don't think this year's been so mediocre. I think quite frankly people are just being whiny and those people will NEVER be satisfied unless THEIR specific favorite game appears on the virtual console. Quite frankly, I saved most of my virtual console points for things I haven't played before so I could enjoy something new and while there were some slow weeks in there, I have not been disappointed with most of the releases.

Also, if you are incapable of loving Bubble Bobble, you have no soul or you have no friends to play co-op with.

__Dairun Cates


Dairun Cates commented on US VC Releases - Christmas Eve - Donkey Kong C...:

I'm not really sure what the problem is. All the releases this week are at least good if not excellent, and hell, one of them is a fairly non-obscure title. Sure, it's not Kirby's Superstar or *insert your favorite game here*, but we've been getting some pretty good releases all around. Barring titles that are excellent but not for everyone, like Pokemon Snap, we still got Sin and Punishment not more than a couple of months ago. The real problem is that Nintendo isn't going to release the name-brand triple A titles on dates when sales are good, and a good majority of them are up to the developers when to release anyway. If you don't like anything this week, just sit back and enjoy your Christmas presents and be glad there's still a good stream of games coming out for the main console right now.