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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Daft Hero


Daft Hero commented on Ninja Gaiden:

For 500 Wii points this game is a must have. I own the original and it still plays on my NES so i wont purchase it through VC, but that doesnt mean you shouldn't! Hint: When you get the giant boomerang ninja star thingy, don't let it return to you by jumping over or ducking under. The thing just keeps flying around you until it touches you again.

__Daft Hero


Daft Hero commented on Gunstar Heroes:

I, sadly, never had much time with the Genesis/MD back in the day. I was always a SNES freak. Games like this make me wish i owned a Genesis/MD too! It is amazing fun! Now only if VC can get saturn games and we can get Guardian Heroes as well!