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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DJ LINK commented on Sin and Punishment:

Excellent game! Really Really great! 3 hours plus and loving it.

Until someone makes an N64 pad shaped Classic Controller for the Wii (now there's an idea...) I have been enjoying Control Configuration 3 with the Classic Controller. Not so easy to jump (a button) while shooting, but the shooting on (b) and the strafing on the shoulder buttons make sense.



DJ LINK commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

Everyone should get this game - so don't delay. There is loads to it and it will keep you occupied for ages and is really fun - especially in two player co-op! I had the original and I am looking forward to going through it again. Some of the later platform levels are amazing!



DJ LINK commented on ActRaiser:

This game is more than worth the purchase. I have the original japanese cartridge which was well hard to play through. I later played the US version and it made a lot more sense and was a load more fun. I can't wait to go through it again!



DJ LINK commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

This game is amazing. I played twice through the Japanese version when it first came out - not knowing any Japanese! And this will be the first time that I will have ever gone through it in english - I cannot wait to get stuck in!



DJ LINK commented on Welcome to the Warp Zone!:

Any new content on my Wii is always very exciting and much appreciated by my whole household. It's still a real novelty to have a constantly changing/updating console platform. It almost feels as though anything is possible!



DJ LINK commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

A 100% essential purchase - It's been a few years since I last loaded it up - but now that I have finished 'Twilight' - It's time to go through 'Ocarina' again. Excellent. I want Majora's Mask too!!!



DJ LINK commented on Super Mario 64:

I already own this and have played it all the way through twice and I still think this is well worth a purchase - just for having it on the Channels screen. I occasionally load it up just hear him say "It's a me, Mario!" and play with his face.