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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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CrawfordTexasJingoJango commented on Castlevania:

When I was fifteen, I hit my NES with a sledgehammer over this game. Actually, it was the raft in 4-1 mentioned above.

Damn bats!

Anyways, this game is super-badass



CrawfordTexasJingoJango commented on US VC Releases - 30th April - Mystical Ninja:

Castlevania?! F yeah! I downloaded Punch-Out! last week, and I had a conversation with a friend of mine about how they just don't make games like these anymore. The NES version of 'Vania is among the best games ever to be released anywhere ever. It's not like the game is too hard, but more like the game TRAINS you as you play it. If you save in the middle and try to pick it up later, it's nearly impossible to finish. None of this God Of War hand-holding crap where they remind you of every ability that you have every 5-10 minutes. Just real, raw, and friggin' hard! Sorry, didn't mean to ramble.




CrawfordTexasJingoJango commented on Tecmo Bowl:

I think the game is dreadfully boring and after playing it for free on tons of other platforms, I'd actually REFUSE to spend $5 on it. You're better off holding out for StarFox 64 or something.