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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Christian commented on Punch-Out!!:

Will this be the Mike Tyson Punch Out or the version they released AFTER Tyson went to prison with Mr. Fantastic or whatever his name was?



Christian commented on Sword of Vermillion:

This was one of the best RPG's on the Genesis! I'll grab this one as soon as it hits the VC!!



Christian commented on Kid Icarus:

Moreso than Kid Icarus I want to see Kid Nikki for the VC!!



Christian commented on Streets of Rage:

I love the Streets of Rage series! Hopefully we will see parts two and three for the VC as well.



Christian commented on R-Type:

One of the best old-school shooters of all time in my opinion! I plan on getting R-Type 3 as well and hopefully we'll see Super R-Type for the VC as well!



Christian commented on ToeJam & Earl:

So much fun was had by me and a my friends with this game, i'll be getting it definatly!