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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Chaz Le Houx commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

DAM YOU MICROSOFT!!! but anyways i don't think i'd really want it on the wii too much, not till they release some sort of n64 controller adapter or something, i don't think i could bring my self to play goldeneye on the classic controller, sometimes great games need to be played on thier original console, and expecially in goldeneye's case with it's original controller

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx commented on EU VC Releases - 7th December - Sega Week:

bass man, of course they are all genious games, i've downloaded them all but with the exception of sin & punishement, most nintendo fans may even still own the cartridges for the other games available let alone would have completed them, it would be nice to see some lesser know titles about

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd November - Sega Week:

umm, russ we've already got Yoshi's Island, as for more sonic games, Knuckles Chaotix would be genious, is the only game i don't have for my 32x and is far too expensive/rare. and what about Knuckles in sonic 1, didn't it do something rediclous with the sonic special stages?

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx commented on US VC Releases - 6th August - Wave Race 64:

Yea Manaman man, For example we've got pretty much all the N64 games (with the exception of Lylat Wars) before the US, finally we are being treated right by nintendo, end your ranting of little substance!

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx commented on US VC Releases - 9th April - Alex Kidd:

the whole point of these delayed virtual console releases is to make you play, admire and appriciate all the games you never played as a gamer, why get angry about the relase of zelda a link to a past or lylat wars when we've all played them, and probably still have the equipment to play them, and if not ebay offers far cheaper ways of playing these classic games for cheaper, sort your selves out guys, who really cares, downlod the games you've never heard of and enjoy them as opposed to being pertheticly sentimental about it, stop trying to be the knolable gamer without playing games you've never heard of becase of that reason alone, rejoice and enjoy