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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Cataclysm commented on Top 10 shmups we want to come to the Virtual C...:

Um, Dazza, all shmups are on rails. It isn't like you can change your direction or anything (except with the Braywood shmups like Paradroid and Uridium of those two are far superior to anything on this list. But they are on C64 so alas).

Anyway, where the hell is Guardian Legend? It is considered one of the best NES games (a feat awesome in itself). It is also unique in that it is much like a shmup + zelda + Blaster Master type game. Knock off Side Arms and put Guardian Legend up there.



Cataclysm commented on US VC Releases - 21st May - Streets of Rage 2:

"It's also a matter of VC having an abundance of platformers, scrolling fighters, and shooters. None of these games really add anything to VC that it needs, like rpgs"

Old school gamers will laugh at that comment. The 8-bit and 16-bit era were the golden age of platformers, scrolling fighters, and shooters. RPGs were still extremely niche even on the SNES. Since almost all console RPGs of that time are now owned by Square-Enix, they aren't going to put many of their games up with all the remakes going around. Western console RPGs ported from computers are now almost all owned by Electronic Arts who is not even participating in the Virtual Console.

8-bit and 16-bit eras were the Age of Arcade Gameplay. If you wanted to play long story packed RPGs, you played them on your PC at this time where it had a keyboard to interact more fully with the world. All of the few RPGs at the time, including the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quests, were really terrible compared to the PC RPGs at the time (like the Ultimas).

People waiting for the handful of RPGs and cry about all the shooters and platformers make me laugh. They sound like a retro gamer complaining about all the 3d games last couple of generations.

Anyway, this is a great week for the VC! All three games are the cream of their genre. I am surprised to see sequels to Donkey Kong Country and Streets of Rage so soon though.



Cataclysm commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

Zelda II really seperates the wimps from the good players of Zelda games. Zelda II is hated for the same reason many old school games and shmups are: it is hard and action orientated.

One of the reasons why Zelda games began selling so much with Ocarina onward was because girls began playing Zelda in mass (which shouldn't be surprising as Zelda games became less action orientated and more puzzle based. Today's Zelda games are the heirs to Myst). No one ever dies in Windwaker and Twilight Princess is also absurdly easy. Zelda II is almost entirely action orientated with little to no puzzles. This is hardcore Zelda.

This game is loved not because it is Zelda but because of the same reasons why games like Blaster Master or Guardian Legend were loved. It is a free form action game with lots of depth.

Zelda 2 has the best combat system of all the Zeldas. It also has the best music (not counting Zelda 1). It spawned an entire new wave of copycat games. Zelda 2 (and Super Mario Brothers 3) are the reasons why I still have my NES hooked up.

Gamers who dislike Zelda 2 are those type of gamers who view Zelda games only as something to be immersed in, not as something you really play. To them, Zelda is like a bath you soak in to 'immerse' oneself in the graphics, environment, and 'feelings'. With Zelda 2 they see only barren environments, random enemies displayed by abstract black ghost icons, and, of course, constant difficulty. Such abstractness ruins the immersion for them.

It should be noted that many of the Zelda developers view Zelda 2 as their favorite Zelda and have been pressuring Miyamoto for a sequel. With the collapse of the franchise in Japan (with Windwaker and Twilight Princess), the next Zelda just might be more 'Zelda 2' than 'Ocarina'.

If you like old school games that concentrate on action and gameplay, get this game. If you like new school games that concentrate on immersion and story, then go replay your Windwaker or Ocarina.