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Re: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Ill be honest im not THAT huge into zelda.. sure it may sound crazy to some of you but thats the truth.
However, this zelda game is fantastic and worthy of 5 stars, I enjoy far better than Ocarnia of Time and highly recommend it over OOT!

Re: The Legend of Zelda


Toooo Fricken Hard.
If you want a really fun Zelda game download "A Link To the Past"!
This game is honestly 10 times more fun and I really enjoy it. They made the difficulty perfect and it is long and enjoyable throughout!
I dont really understand how people use the excuse that since this game started the zelda series you should download it. I dont really care if it started the series, today this game is mildly enjoyable for a few hours and you probably wont play it ever again.