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__Bob Emmerich

__Bob Emmerich

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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Bob Emmerich


Bob Emmerich commented on Ecco Jr.:

My 5 yr. old played this on the Sega Genesis Collection and he liked it. I think the fact that they named it Jr. was to intone that it was a young childs game. Not meant to be played by anyone over 5.

__Bob Emmerich


Bob Emmerich commented on Vectorman:

Seeing as how this hasn't come out in the US yet but I presume will at some point -- I just picked up Sega Genesis Collection PS2 yesterday (ToysRUs for $20) and of the 36 MegaDrive VC games 20 (twenty) are on that 1 disc, thats $160 worth of VC on 1 $20 disc. I don't know how much better they may play on the VC but as long as my PS2 is hooked up and working I'll manage. Now if I could find a good N64 compilation disc I could save myself another $100

__Bob Emmerich


Bob Emmerich commented on Super Metroid:

Important question - how will/does this play with a GC controller as I don't have a classic controller yet?