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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim commented on Castlevania:

Woah! I haven't played this game since I was a kid, I didn't realize how hard this game is. I'm slowly remembering the torture I went through as a kid trying to get through this game, but now I have less time to do so. What a fun game.

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim commented on Mighty Bomb Jack:

I never played the arcade game so I have nothing to judge on, but I was looking for something new and I really knew nothing of this title and I was not disapointed, it's provided me lots of excitement. I'm not one for new video games so when I come across an 8-bit gem like this I'm quite pleased. This is definately not as good as PunchOut, Zelda or Kirby but for Christ's sake it's a fun little arcade game and I don't know how this one escaped me as a kid.

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

I won't be satisfied with the Virtual Console until this game is released. So I hope this is more than a strong rumour and that I have it by the end of 2007. This is the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2, not that lame Doki Doki Panic remake (although that game is still fun). I'm an avid Super Mario Bros. fan and I really need this game.

I don't know why Nintendo would release "All-Stars"... I loved it when I first got my SNES 15 years ago but things have changed. It's updated graphics and sounds just seem lame.

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

I can't wait for this one and the Lost Levels, when I get those two in their original forms. It's been forever since I've really played this game, but it's definately one of my favorites.