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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Beantastic commented on Gunstar Heroes:

Tandem - Something for you to try. Throwing your partner can easily be the most powerful weapon in the game!!! A great demo for this is the first level with the first boss that is a tall green plant thing that drops the red cherry bombs. Stand Directly below it with both players and have one of you throw the other person straight up and the boss will be dead before you know it.



Beantastic commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

This game is Contra in what is possibly the game's most glorious form. I am a huge Contra Fan. I own every Contra Game from NES on through ps2 (yes even Contra Force) This title is by far my favorite. Change the difficulty to hard and give yourself only three lives and you will have the time of your life trying to make your way through this master piece.