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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Badspeller commented on US VC Releases - 21st May - Streets of Rage 2:

Meh, I was hoping for better. It's not that I think the games are bad, it's just nothing im interested in. DKC2 never interested me, don't like paying for sega games as I get all of them (SoR2 included) as part of gametap (as well as there being so many sega collection things around). I don't know about BL, not a huge shooter fan.

It's also a matter of VC having an abundance of platformers, scrolling fighters, and shooters. None of these games really add anything to VC that it needs, like rpgs



Badspeller commented on The Legend of Zelda:

At 500 points its worth the price of admission. Many aspects of the game haven't aged well, such as it basically asking you to wonder around aimlessly in order to find the next dungeon. But if you print out an overworld map, and keep in mind that this game came out in the mid 80s its a lot of fun. Zelda pioneered a lot of things we take for granted in console games today, such as save games, action rpgs ect.



Badspeller commented on Baseball:

This game was bad even when it was new. I can appreciate Nintendo wanting it on the vc for sake of completeness, but there is no way this thing is worth 500 points. They should just make it free (along with a few others like it) just to demo how the VC works