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__Awesome Game!

__Awesome Game!


Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Awesome Game!


Awesome Game! commented on Wave Race 64:

This game is an amazing example of the racing genre, in my opinion its better than just about any other waterskiing game. The graphics have aged very well, too - they're cartoony and have a nice bright colorful feeling to them. I love this game!

__Awesome Game!


Awesome Game! commented on F-Zero X:

its much easier than GX, and it has a random track generator. Together, these two things make it win.

__Awesome Game!


Awesome Game! commented on Donkey Kong Jr.:

My problem with the release of this and Donkey Kong as separate entries is that Nintendo released a value pack called DK Classics which included both DK 1 and Jr - its kind of annoying they double-dipped when porting the titles to the VC.