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__Anthony Cromartie

__Anthony Cromartie

United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie commented on Virtua Fighter 2:

Damn it did I waste 800 Wii points. I got overly excited. The game is too realistic-the char feels like that have no personality, sorry too used to projectiles and what not-and man is the game slow and the sound is blargh. I wish I could trade it or something-or at least get it off the screen. Save your points.

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

This is the FIRST NES game I ever played in my life. I had to be like one year old, and this started it all with me and Nintendo, and videogames period.

Both my NES and SNES(Super Mario All Stars) have stopped working, and I have been DIEING to play this on something besides an emu again. PLEASE come soon!

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie commented on Star Fox 64:

Oh hells yea, another one of my top faves-I loved SF64 back in the day(I remember how big that box was too, coming with the rumble pack.) Though as much as a nostalgic dream as Zelda-definitely worth a buy.

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie commented on Super Mario World:

Worth EVERY point. This should be the sole VC title you get. It's great to play again-and the classic controller takes me right back to '91. My SNES stopped working a couple of years ago so I am very thankful for this title. Classic controller is not only reccomended but NEEDED.

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie commented on Space Harrier II:

Ah! Good ol' Space Harrier-definitely reccomended. I have to strongly disagree with your review, Space Harrier's one of my fave arcade games of all time, and def. fave oldschool shooter.