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Wed 4th Apr 2012

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ZulFoDK commented on First Impressions: Mario Tennis Open:

I have never liked powerups/shots in f.ex. Tennisgames - it makes them more like a game oc chanse than of skills, and you could just as well decide the game by throwing a dice...



ZulFoDK commented on Get a Free Farming Simulator 3DS Demo, Europe:

@James Lucky you.

Actually its not a bad little game. In terms of simulation, its doing a pretty good job.

I bought this for my girlfriends son, and he loves this type of games on the pc, so giving him a chance of playing this on his 3DS is great!



ZulFoDK commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

I bought it after trying the demo, and playing the DS M&S at the Olympics but there is NO comparing the two games!

London OL is mostly a case of pressing the right button at the right time - and then nothing more, and you often get just ONE try at an event, thats just silly!

Now my game is put up for sale!!