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Wed 27th Oct 2010

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Zorothemetal1 commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

you guys dont really know what you are talking about unless you actually play other people. He's not talking about cruel melee,1 player modes,unlocking characters or anything like that. He's talking about new players playing veterans. In brawl a new player may beat a veteran just because of the mechanics of the game(see tripping). In melee that would never happen. Melee is the better game in every regard and this is evident when one is skilled in both.



Zorothemetal1 commented on Top Smash Bros. Players Accused of Fixing MLG ...:

Ive been playing Melee competitively for about 5 years. I know M2k and I'm sure there were no foul intentions on his part. Brawl is bad I gave up on it a year into it, MLG should bring melee back.
BTW- Melee was in MLG before Call of Duty ! lol it was in the first national MLG. Don't say smash doesn't belong in mlg