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Wed 3rd Nov 2010

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zool commented on Review: PEG SOLITAIRE (Wii U eShop):

I don't understand why games like these find a home on the Wii U. The Wii U that I spent £300 on so that I could play high definition games on a large TV screen.

These are free smartphone games, they don't really have a home on the 3ds any more.

I guess its got something to do with the gamepad and Nintendo still trying to convince gamers how good and useful it is and it is not a controller, its a third console



zool commented on Soapbox: If Nintendo Took On Virtual Reality, ...:

Nintendo can't afford to experiment at the cost of its gamers, like it did with the Wii and the Wii U.

The Wii with TV like controller, for everyone including granny, worked because granny had a go along with the rest of the family, It worked, and the balance board helped turn the Wii into an exercise machine, and sold loads of Wii's.

Real gamers lost out on the graphics and power of the PS.

The Wii U tried to mimic the DS and failed, losing granny and 90% of their customers who had got used to the Wii remote.

Graphics, power, a 'normal' controller, some 3rd party support and games, lots of games.

Not gimmics. The Wii sales won't be repeated and we don't want to repete the Wii U sales either.



zool commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

Who are these games aimed at, apart from the Japanese teenager?

Both videos are pathetic, really, and I think this publicity will result in lost sales. How old are these cartoon characters ment to be?



zool commented on Preview: Looking for the Light in The Legend o...:

I would like to see more GameCube games given a makeover rather than just a straight Gamecube download.

But these are not new games and the price should reflect this. (The Windwaker was full price)

I don't know how much time and work is involved to makeover these games, but I get the impression from above article that this game was a rush to get it out asap, to fill a gap the New Zelda has left and to sell a few more Amiibo's.

Time, price and review will tell.

EDIT: Just checked Amazon and it is a FULL price game.

It does seem as $$$$$£££££¥¥¥¥¥€€€€ this is what Nintendo is all about. Old Game + facelift = new game price and another reason to sell Amiibos.

I'm not that desperate to replay this old game.



zool commented on Talking Point: My Nintendo Can Be a Tipping Po...:

These things are ten a penny. It's a cheap way for companies to get your details and use them for marketing.

The star rewards were for children. It was the same sort of tat the Nintendo Magazines used to give away.

Don't forget that companies that offer points usually charge more for their products.

I have played dozens of Smartphone games and I have never paid a penny to buy anything and I won't connect to Facebook to advertise a game. If I can't get past a level because it has been designed that you can't without spending money, that's where I leave the game and move on. There are plenty more games to play.

I am happy to pay a reasonable price for a good game. But I won't be dragged into this new age marketing where as well as the game you have to buy add ons, Amiibos, Cards, extra lives, recommending others for coins, buying in game cash, etc etc.



zool commented on Sony Hardware and Exclusives Dominate in Japan...:

What I don't get is this....

Company. 2014. We have a new console which we will release in two years, towards the end of 2016.

Ok that means we don't have to bother about new games for the year leading up to the release.

The gamers can just wait in anticipation. They won't mind.

Is that how all companies operate when they have a new product being released?



zool commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

I also prefer the physical copy of a game, because I don't collect games, once played I will move on to a new game and just occasionally I will keep a game that I feel has some replay value.

Nintendo also suggest that we use a hard drive and not a memory card or stick to store DLC. But they cannot recommend one and like most smartphones things don't always work as well unless the content is on the original devices internal memory.

Yet in their wisdom Nintendo built the Wii U with 8 GB memory.



zool commented on Nintendo Shows Off the Continuing Growth and P...:

You asked am I still a big Amiibo fan; that is very presumptuous of you, or there is a lot of wishfull thinking on your part.

They have nothing to do with gaming directly. And Nintendo may regret their decision to overdose on these toys, in a year or two, just to earn a quick buck now.

For every four Amiibos sold one less game will be sold. Less games sold less will be produced and so profits will decrease share holders won't be happy and Nintendo will be ready for a take over and someone like Google will snap it up. To get into gaming, as Microsoft and Sony are.

You heard it here first.



zool commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

Every shop and most online stores give points for purching stuff off them. If I have the choice I would buy at the store that offers an on the spot discount rather than a few points.

One book store gives points and I would have to spend £500 to get a free book, their books are not the cheapest anyway.

You do get a few people that like collecting points, and for some odd reason they will spend more on an item just to get the points.



zool commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Nintendo make games, games sell consoles. Not the other way round. If you invest in a 3ds it is to play games. Unlike a Smartphone, that has many uses, gaming being a bi-product. The Smartphone is in everyone's pocket a 3ds isn't .
Nintendo need more games and a good selection of games. Every gamer does not want to play every game, but they do need a good selection.

The Smartphone has stolen the basic stylus type games. I can play Plants and Zombies, and loads of other games like this on my Smartphone for free. The 3ds needs to know what it does best and do it.

Also Nintendo has spent to much time with the game pad,as though it's another console. Most of the games released for the Wii U to be played on the gamepad should be released for the 3ds instead.

If the NX involves a portable screen and that screen is not the 3ds or a replacement for the 3ds. Then it is in competition with the 3ds.



zool commented on Nine Nintendo Titles Pass One Million Sales Fo...:

I wonder what is a breakeven sales amount and if Nintendo see a million sales as good.

A million for the Wii U is good, just under 10% of console owners bought the game.

But ....... Lets say a gamer has a voucher £ ($) 75 to spend on games. Two years ago they may well have bought two games. That's two sales, each sale closer to the million figure.

Today the same person may well buy one game and three Amiibos. One less game sale.

Amiibos will ultimately effect game sales resulting in fewer games being released.



zool commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

@Xenocity By making games the Xbox and Playstation gamers want to play.

Nintendo does not have to be in competition with Ps or Xbox, they want a console with less gimmicks , a lower price and good graphics that will be a second console to their existing one.



zool commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

Lets get real. Fan reveals v satisfy and confidence to investors, investor's win every time.

If Nintendo had news that would increase share prices it would do its best not to with-hold it. Shareholders are not loyal to a company, they are loyal to their investment. If Nintendo can't convince them that better days are ahead, then they will get jittery.

Because the Amiibo is a good, if short term money spinner, that is why Nintendo are flooding the market with them and making the most while they can. That will keep the shareholders from getting the jittery, but it could alienate more serious gamers.

Nintendo need to strike a fine balance with the toys, the games and the NX. It must not be seen as a console for children.

And lets hope its not purple.



zool commented on Talking Point: Learning Lessons From the Past ...:

Word soon got around that the gamepad was not as good as Nintendo had advertised it. They even had to change the way they had advertised it. The public were misled as the advert suggested that every game could be played via the gamepad. From there is was downhill as far as the gamepad was concerned.

Naming games that you would like to see as launch games is missing the point. A Zelda or a Super aSmash Bros or any other game is not going to sell a single NX to someone who is not thinking of getting one. And if you are thinking of getting one then the chances are that you will get it anyway.

It is what the new NX is going to do that the Wii U doesn't do that might sell the console. If it is allowing you to play the same game on a portable device that is a selling point then it will fail. It has to be something much better than that.



zool commented on Weirdness: Watch an Actual Live Splatoon Squid...:

@Action51 They speak Japanese in Japan.

You see positive criticism as negative comment. That is a bit shallow on your part.

Gaming like sport is for all ages and so a forum like this will have a range of ages.

Younger gamers are happy to to list games, fill in polls, talk about the latest Amiibo etc. Older gamers who have grown up with Nintendo are not always happy with the direction Nintendo seems to be heading and post comments about this.

This is not because they want to put Nintendo down, its because they want to see Nintendo do better, maybe change direction a bit, and get back to when they were on top of their game and not something Xbox and PS owners look down on. But something Xbox and PS owners want as a second console.



zool commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Super Smash Bros. Rumour...:

Wii U has sold just over 10,000,000 units. The Wii sold 100,000,000.

That suggests that 90,000,000 Wii owners did not move over to the Wii U. So let's hope most of the Wii U owners move to the NX. But many won't, so Nintendo needs to attract the old Wii Xbox and PS owners back.



zool commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Super Smash Bros. Rumour...:

SSBros. As long as it is only a launch title and not 'the' launch title.

An SSBros game will help sell NX's to SSBros fans, but it is not going to sell NX's to anyone else.

I guess about 70% of Wii U owners will eventually switch to the NX. That, over a few years would be about 7,000,000. Nintendo need to attract millions more buyers than that.

The question is what would tempt Xbox and PS to buy an NX?



zool commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

@Maxz I will concede and agree that a new Smash Bros sometime in the first few months of launch would be good and agree that a launch game that is fresh and new is needed. Even a twist on an existing franchise. Mario boats. Mario Pilotwings.

Although my thoughts are that some new Wii U games will be announced and the NX is no more than a portable gamepad with a few twists.



zool commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

Just to make a list of franchises and say pick three, is missing what a new console is all about.

I remember walking into 'Currys' to buy a Ps1 with Tomb Raider. An hour later I walked out with an N64 and Super Mario 64. The game playing in the shop did it.

Those who are going to get the NX will get it with a game or two from what is on offer. But Nintendo has to attract millions of gamers back to them and one game from any of those franchises won't do it.

It has to be something eye popping. A new Mario 64 will do it, or a Waverace with water spraying across the screen, sunsets in the background showing the best graphics of any console and state of the art water tracks.

If its just Wii U games that can be player on a handheld device, on the move. That won't sell, other than to the few million dedicated Nintendo gamers.



zool commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

@Maxz I understand what you are saying, but, we may be looking at this from a different view point.

In order for any game to sell well on a new console, the consoles have to sell in vast numbers, something the Wii U never managed to do. There were a few reasons for this but the very first mistake was a very poor launch line up with no killer game. A game that will make gamers want to buy the console just to play the game. Smash Bros is not that game.

I played Smash Bros on the 3ds and did not like it, screen to small. It isca game for the BIG screen. If in the next year I wanted to play SB I would buy the Wii U version. If it were released as just another game for the NX, number 11, I would ask why another SB (has Amiibos something to do with it?) When we could have a new Wave Race or a game we haven't seen for a good few years.



zool commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

@Maxz Either way yet another Smash Bros game is not a good idea so soon.

Every game released with the NX needs to be a game gamers will buy the the NX just to play it.

If Nintendo have 10 killer games on launch date and a few other including Smash Bros. then I guess it doesn't much matter about its release. Other than many will question why so many Smash Bros games. Like the glut of Super Mario Bros games we had when the Wii U launched.



zool commented on Analytics Company Fancensus Rates Major Ninten...:

If we take this seriously then Nintendo is in a bad way. Out at sea drowning but we all think it's waving.

Of course if we say its a load of rubbish, being Nintendo fans, others would say, we would say that anyway.

If a Nintendo gamer from a few years ago were asked to pick one of those titles as representative of a fine Nintendo game, he couldn't.



zool commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

It won't work. Let's hope its just a rumour.

Those that will buy the NX on the day or week of release will buy it what ever games launch with it.

But other that can't decide won't be rushing out to buy the NX just because another Smash Bros game is launching.

Nintendo is still flogging the Wii U version and folks are still playing it, they won't splash out £300/£400 to play it again. Maybe in a couple of years.

If they get the launch titles wrong like they did for the Wii U, its down hill all the way.



zool commented on Shadow Puppeteer Publisher Suggests Installing...:

Those of us with the white Wii u and what was an adequate amount of memory at the time, until Nintendo's massive update shortly after the console's release ate it all up, don't have internal memory to use.

I guess that was the start of the Wii U's fall from grace.



zool commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Producer Explains What...:

If it's really is not in 3d as some folks above have said then at least we potential buyers deserve an explanation. Any review should have this in their header NOT IN 3D.

So many reviews, recently, have quite a few negitive points about the game but conclude that it's good and stick around the 7 to 8 score.

If this really is not 3d then there has to be a reason and without a reason I will assume it's just lazy offering on the developers part and I will avoid.



zool commented on The Official Fire Emblem Fates Site is Now Liv...:

I have had a look at the site and the price of the Games and DLC from Amazon.

The two physical games and the two packs of DLC comes to a total of $100 (£70).

What I hope the reviews tell us is.....

Are the two games really the same game played from opposite sides, just one set on an easier setting, and should this really be just the one game (on one cart) with a choice of settings.

Each of the two games are about $30 which suggests good value or a lot less content in each of the games. It makes me think that both games should be on the one cart and sold a the normal $39.99 + price mark.

And there is the four Amiibo's . Is content being held back from the game or is the stuff the Amiibo's can open just window dressing like costumes which other similar games include without the toys.