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Wed 3rd November, 2010

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zool commented on Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up ...:

I had a feeling that every Nintendo game would be affected by the Toys.

Does the extra content the £20 toy unlocks equate to another 50% of games original content?

And is the game content without the Toy value for money.

I hope NL takes this into consideration in future Game reviews and scores the game on Value for money as well as gameplay.



zool commented on Wii U Shooter Splatoon Makes EDGE Magazine's C...:

Edge is from the same publisher who got rid of three Nintendo only magazines. So I guess every now and again they have to do something Nintendo related to keep the Nintendo fans who buy Edge, happy.



zool commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

The question here is VALUE FOR MONEY. To spend your hard earned money on extra downloaded content I guess depends on if it is good value to you.

If the future Nintendo games are trimmed down in size and not price, so that extra content can be added via a plastic toy, then I won't buy that game.

Having said that to many people do not value money and downloading can become addictive......... something Nintendo would hope for. It happens with the smartphone games.



zool commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

Same thing happened with the Wii u and inadequate memory.
Memory cards for Nintendo to buy in bulk are cheap and would add very little to the cost of a 3ds.
I added a 16 GB from new and now have a wasted 4gb.
But if I buy xenoblade it will be a hard copy. At least it has a trade in value.

I think Nintendo will loose quite a few download sales because of this.



zool commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

Its a large single screen tablet. Maybe with a folding screen, that can be play 2d or 3d games. And can connect to a TV to play the wii u type games.

With a smaller screen available for mobile gaming.

Can't wait.



zool commented on Nintendo Download: 19th March (Europe):

I would like to see a 'value for money' section in the Nintendo Life games reviews. As this should lower the score if the price is to high.

Offering a free download of the same game does seem a bit desperate of Nintendo.

One review I read said..............
"A disappointingly familiar entry in the long-running puzzle series, that comes across as very cheap (in terms of production values, if not price) but not particularly cheerful."
£17.99 for a download seems expensive, but we are paying for two copies of the same game.
At £10 I would have downloaded the 3ds version this Friday. Now I will wait until the BOGOFF offer is finished the the price is dropped to something more realistic for the type of game it is.



zool commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

Typical Nintendo. I was waiting to Download Kirby in the first week and get the half price discount we were mislead into believing would apply to all eight advertised games.

Now I will leave it. I am not desperate to play it and Nintendo has lost a sale. I hope others vote with there wallet and keep their money, that includes the other three games over the next three weeks.



zool commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

@Funbunz I though so. One reason why I am against downloading games. The two games Animal Crossing and Prof. Layton were free reward games which I did not like after giving them a go. Had I paid for them, what a waste of money that would have been.
With hard copies At least I can give them to another member of the family. Or would Nintendo rather each person in the family download their own copy?
If I download a movie the whole family watch it. :(



zool commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

Does anyone know the answer?
Does everything have to be transferred to the new 3ds.
I am giving my old 3ds xl to another member of my family. I don't want all of the games that are on it, but they would like to play them. Can I leave or put these games back on to the old 3ds xl?



zool commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (Europe):

Shantae. I can't make my mind up. The game sounds ok, but the price for a download...I not convinced.
Once played, its stuck on the 3ds with no trade in value. No one else can play it unless you are willing to give up you 3ds for a time.

........ and why is it a download? Not quite good enough, or long enough for a hard release, even at a budget price.
Under a tenner maybe, but it is way over priced at £15.99. But I guess it will be reduced in a few months.



zool commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

How many people are not pre ordering the 3ds xl in the UK because the Zelda limited edition has been out of stock for so long.

Is the limited edition going to be back in stock or is that it?

I guess the games plays the same on any new 3ds, but it would be good to know how LIMITED the limited edition is.



zool commented on Nintendo Of Europe's Satoru Shibata Delivers A...:

I don't normally praise Game, the UK game shop, but thanks to them there will be two copies of Captain Toad under our Christmas Tree. So we will be playing it in a couple of days.

I'm am not sure about the logic Nintendo are using, launching the game 'after' Christmas.
But for me, I am counting it as a 2014 Christmas release.



zool commented on Feature: Dreaming of a Nintendo Christmas - Li...:

First let me state that I would not buy or even really want to play Animal crossing.............. but for some unknown reason I did download it as a free 3ds game last year. Maybe I had played the other ones on offer.

Anyway a played it off and on for a few weeks, then let the rest of my family who also had a copy of AC come and go and help themselves to my fruit.

Yesterday I clicked on AC by mistake and opened up my town, which has been deserted for months now and to my surprise its snowing and it looks quite nice.

So why can't Nintendo make it snow in Mario Kart?



zool commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

It should be graphics, gameplay and 3d and back to a 'normal' controller.

In the next couple of years 3d will be built into most new TV's as standard.
So it makes sense to have games 3d ready, with the option to play in either 2d or 3d.



zool commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

The only thing holding Nintendo back form selling more Wii u's is games. Third party games to fill the gaps between Nintendo releases.
While there is nothing wrong with the gamepad, it does not add anything much to a third party game.
If a game is released for the Xbox and PlayStation and plays OK without the second screen, then third party developers should release the same game for the Wii u and pro controller and not the gamepad.



zool commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

@Folkloner The reviews look good so I gave it a go. The demo was ok, but after a few hours the small screen and tiny figures were off putting. I was not the only one judging by the amount of second hand Smash Bros 3ds games that have traded in.

Having to consoles and the same game released so close together is not a good idea, as chart listings show.



zool commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

Having two versions of Smash Bros does not help either regarding chart positions.
I bought the 3ds version. It was not really a game for the small screen.
I will not buy the Wii u version. But I would have bought it had there not been a 3ds version.



zool commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

Looks like yet another 3rd party game gets dumped onto the Wii u.
Maybe the marketing strategy is, Nintendo gamers are so desperate for games they will buy anything.



zool commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U):

Yet another third party Wii u game bites the dust.

This is not good when Nintendo needs every game released for the Wii u to count.

This seems as though this is going to be the first Christmas I can remember (In the last 20 years) that I will not be putting a Nintendo game on my Santa list.



zool commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (Europe):

So Super Smash Bros is costing £10 more than other Wii u games to download.

That is an additional 25%.

Still I guess Nintendo bank on their loyal fans to cough up the extra money, since there is not many new Wii u games to spend their hard earned cash on.

But they will have to sell an extra four copies now, because I'll give it a miss.



zool commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

I guess, if you are a die hard Super Smash Bros fan with a Wii u and 3ds and can afford it you will buy both games.

Otherwise you will buy just one of the games depending on which console you have.

If you have both consoles but are not a die hard fan and only want one of the games, you like me may have already bought the 3ds version and so won't be buying the Wii u game. The 3d version was OK but not great. It is the sort of game that was ment for the big screen.



zool commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

I like the games in 3d. So that only leaves one console to play them on.

Zelda Ocarina of Time was the best example of a game in 3d.
Trouble it that was it. Nothing else has come close. Ok may be the new Majora's Mask will be good, but it has been a long wait.



zool commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I agree with a c. But Maybe a Z would be better.

Nintendo is sitting on a goldmine of N64 and GameCube games. With improved graphics and a reasonable price, and a regular flow of these games the Wii u's sales will hit the roof.



zool commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

Why does Nintendo not ask Nintendo Life to review these games before release. That way Nintendo can work on them a bit more and make improvements and so get a higher score for the game.



zool commented on Shovel Knight is Getting a Cross-Buy Discount ...:

If I were to shake hands with the Yacht Club gang I would count my fingers afterwards.

Buy both versions and save 33% or 'is it' buy both versions and give the Yacht Club gang an extra 66% for keeping us waiting?



zool commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

The Uk is a small island off the continent of Europe

The excuse for us getting games after the US is that the game needs to be translated into French, German and Italian and this takes time.

This would be fair enough if we in the UK got a UK English translation of the game, but we get the US English. So why can't we in the UK get the US version when they do.



zool commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I would not buy a download version; not good value.

Shops are cautious about stocking new games, so they either get in just a few copies of a title they are not sure about or se how the demand is and get the game a week or so after release date.

I know Asda and Tesco do this. And the Game Store will not even let you know the price of the game until release day, even if you want to reserve a copy days before. The game also sell the download version so I guess they limit the physical copies.