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Sun 5th Jan 2014

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ZolrakMX23 commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

I played MoF on 3DS and even when I liked the demo a lot in the end the game was too short and too easy with all those checkpoints. I managed to finish it with 100% in less than a week even when I just played on my lunch breaks. It was a failure as a Castlevania game, all DS entries are just too much for MoF. There were no impressive final bosses nor interesting items and weapons, it was lacking everything a handheld Castlevania was doing good.

I don't regret buying it but I regret buying it full priced. Lucky I had my money back and I used that money on other games.

Right now I'm playing LoS on PC. So far I can't say its a bad game nor a great one. It's missing some Castlevania key features like collectibles, equipment to improve your strength, leveling up (so far at least).

But what's bothering me the most of LoS is the lack of freedom, the game is too linear, handheld versions were linear too (go here->kill monsters->finalboss) but at least there was a partial sense of freedom to explore the castle and try to collect items and find secret places on the map. None of that is present (so far) in what I have played of LoS.

Visually is a good looking game, but its lacking too much for me to oversee. I'm not mad for getting it as I got it for $10 on steam sales but I'm afraid that Castlevania LoS2 will be the last from MercutySteam. Perhaps the franchise was too much for a small studio with good ideas but bad execution.