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Tue 24th Apr 2012

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zipmon commented on First Impressions: Basking in the Glow of Atlu...:

@Oaf7724 I didn't, but I also only got to play a short section near the beginning of the game - I was told though that Atlus is tweaking the game's balance for the Western release based on feedback from the Japanese version! New Game Plus will let money carry over now, for instance, where it didn't in the original release, so that should make it easier to go through to see multiple endings. I didn't hear anything concrete about whether they're tweaking the difficulty, but I wouldn't be surprised - it sounded like they were doing balance adjustments across the gameplay in general!



zipmon commented on Review: Kemonomix+ (3DS eShop):

@KeeperBvK I actually love time management/sim games! This one's just so lacking in heart, narrative, payoff, and joy that it's not very much fun to play, and nowhere near in the same league as FF:CC: My Life as a King. That's still just my opinion, of course, but it is coming from someone who generally enjoys the genre



zipmon commented on Review: Skylanders Trap Team (Wii U):

@BulbasaurusRex It's a dynamic camera that just doesn't happen to let you control it - so it's not like the PSOne-era fixed camera systems, where each area has a pre-set view; it definitely follows you around, and generally keeps pace behind you - though sometimes you'll hit areas where it'll zoom out a bit and stay more or less stable as you run around an arena or something, for instance. It pans smoothly as you move through the levels, and it works really well - after seeing how well it held up in co-op, I'm definitely a fan!



zipmon commented on Nintendo 64x64: Chameleon Twist:

"Chameleon Twist is the game that Yoshi's Story should have been." Fighting words Mr. Watts!

Haha, but this looks so good! I've been wanting to try this ever since it came out - wonder what the chances are we'll ever see it on Wii U VC? ::tongue crossed::



zipmon commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (3DS):

@LawRulesALL Yup, it does! I think there are conflicting reports online because it wasn't in the original Japanese release, and was only added later as a patch there - anyway it's on the cartridge in the Western releases! =)

@simonhwsn It really comes down to which features matter more to you! The 3DS has portability and a handy mini-map (I found myself having to pause to look at the map pretty often on the Wii U version, which doesn't use the GamePad screen for anything other than off-screen play), while the Wii U has easier camera controls, drop-in co-op story, and better graphics. I personally prefer playing on the Wii U, mostly because it feels like a 'big-screen' game to me and it looks great on the TV! (I haven't played the PS3 version, but I assume it's largely the same as the Wii U one.) The Wii U version is also download-only (3DS & PS3 both have retail boxes), so if you're a physical-media-only person, that might not be your platform of choice.



zipmon commented on Review: Kirby's Star Stacker (3DS Virtual Cons...:

Two years later this is one of my most-played puzzle games on the 3DS - I love it! Working my way through the 'Insane' round clear now. I'd really love to see the SFC version brought over as an import Wii U VC game - here's hoping!