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Mon 10th May 2010

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zionich commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

I like what the GameOverthinker thought about what might make this system unique, which I'm sure has been discussed on Nintendo Life as well.

If the patent is correct, and there is no optical drive, going back to a flash cartridge based console that has built in extra space for future DLC. This is even more relevant now that Nintendo has finally been experimenting with this more. This could be just the "unique" enough to be another revolution that will make the bridge to full download consoles.

I know alot of people think that making it "just as powerful if not more" seems to be the answer, but its not. Another "unique" for Nintendo would be simply using better tools to import code from other platforms to port over games.

If power was really the issue we wouldn't see some of the PS4/Xbone games appear on PS3 and 360.



zionich commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

The flaw in his logic is the power is needed to play some of the top selling games on other platforms and the WiiU games, while not as graphic intensive, have high production value.

Unless hardware, PC or dedicated console (which is a computer =P ) comes drastically down there will always be a demand for gaming machines.

At worst/best the span of time between console cycles will increase.



zionich commented on Video: New Lego Dimensions Launch Trailer Prom...:

I have dropped $300 so far getting the packs I know my kids are familiar with. Ill end up getting this for PS4 though not WiiU (He was using a PS4 controller in the trailer lol) because the WiiU doesnt always get DLC for its Lego games.



zionich commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

All advances in science, math, art, and technology have been done by people from various walks of life.

Its almost as if you would have people thank a person for hacking their bank accounts. Yes, they might have exposed a security flaw but their intentions are still to rob a person.

I get that is an extreme case. I see alot of hackers as being no more different that a scientist dissecting an animal or bug just to see how things work.

The thing is alot of people view hacking the 3ds, even if only to play imports and homebrews, and a gateway to piracy.



zionich commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

While I respect a persons desire to want Nintendo to make the 3DS not be region locked, I'm appalled the lengths that people try to justify getting it done. Nintendo is doing business as they see fit. Heaven forbid one of you all own a business and have a person, or groups of people, not only tell you how it should be done, but also find nefarious ways to make it their way.

Its the justification that sickens me, not the root cause of wanting a region free system.



zionich commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

All I can say is my first impression is I dont like it. I think alot of it is due to the very limited after thought of a trailer that it was presented in. If Nintendo doesnt take this Metroid game seriously, I wont either. Big first party games that built Nintendo deserve more than just a poor teaser.



zionich commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

@TheRealThanos Now this is the first time I recall reading anything about this story. Just from the article its self, I get the feeling that the developers have/had great ambition to try to go multi-platform. Nothing wrong with that at all. What I find annoying is trying to suck up to the Nintendo community after the failed attempt.

That said, I look forward to its release. My son enjoyed cube creator 3D, So if I dont get Minecraft, I could see myself getting this.



zionich commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

I use to be heavily into MMO's starting from Everquest to the Infamous World of Warcraft, trying everything else in between. There was just something addicting about doing dungeons and raids, getting that new drop and seeing that reflect on my character.

When I was finally able to break free from them after my son was born there was always a longing to feel that thrill again.

Monster Hunter was able to fill this gap. Every fight is an epic boss fight. You can do these alone, or with friends all in the name of better loot.

I highly recommend anyone who loves the thrill of the loot grind to try this game. Its well worth it.