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Wed 3rd Nov 2010

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Zimeon commented on Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii):

Just burst through Silent Hill in less than 7 hours in one playthrough. TRULY one amazing game that really got under my skin. I started a second playthrough and depending on how you answer all the questions and how you play the game it REALLY changes, and I mean REALLY REALLY changes. Locations, characters, dialog, scenery, design of the monsters and whole actions and cutscenes all change. I believe that NOBODY actually get the same "game" as someone else. An amazing feat by the creators of this game. I am very impressed what they have done here. Highly recommended !!!



Zimeon commented on Start Your Engines for FAST - Racing League's ...:

FAST and MotoHeroz are the only two titles I´m interested in buying on WiiWare for the last two years. World of Goo and the two Lost Winds-games are AWESOME but the Wiiware-service died pretty fast after that...