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United States

Sun 3rd Jan 2010

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Zezima commented on Mario Bros.:

Okay, I'm surprised that this only got a four out of ten! What? That's absurd, this was one of the BEST game on the NES! Really crazy! It should have at least gotten an seven!



Zezima commented on Sim City 3000:

Sound's kinda fun? Just as long as the graphic's are decent and there's good customization.



Zezima commented on Mario Kart DS:

Ahh! Yes, in my opinion one of the best DS games ever! I had it but sadly lost it so I'm definitely getting it again!



Zezima commented on Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow:

Hmm, Seems like a good game. The NES version was of coarse better though. Probably won't be getting but for people who like this kind of stuff it's a must-have.



Zezima commented on Electroplankton Luminarrow:

Every single one of the Electroplankton games seem horrible and very boring. Not going to ever get one of them. :/



Zezima commented on Review: Dragon's Lair (DSiWare):

I'm confused on the overall concept of this game. Do you really control the character, or is the game like an old Movie? I probably won't be getting this application.