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Sun 9th February, 2014

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ZeroZX_Dev commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

The original Teen Titans cartoon is way better than Go... I mostly hold a grudge against Go because it's not a continuation of that, but has the same characters and actors that played them before. I understand that Go is entirely different show and an entirely different genre but it still ticks me off they did that.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Atlus Serves Up Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyr...:

I dunno about the DLC... The Personas may or may not be worth the price based on the stats and skills they provide and the navigators are nice, I suppose, but this stuff should be sold in packs rather than individually, by themselves they don't seem worth the price.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

Either SEGA rushed this game out the door, or Red Button hadn't heard of this thing called beta testing. Either way, this game could of used half a year extra development time. There is literally no reason this game to run the way it does when it's only being coded on one platform... unless this game was intended to be a multiplat originally, then SEGA decided they wanted out of their contract with Nintendo and made the last minute decision to make it a Wii U only game.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants Mario Kart 8's DLC Master Cy...:

@Mahe Quit worrying about it, I'm pretty sure Aonuma knows what works and doesn't work for Zelda at this point.
If he wants to experiment, let him. Zelda as a franchise needs to evolve to stay relevant, and sometimes the most unexpected idea could be the greatest. Truth is, the fans don't always know what's best for the franchise and if they had control of it they'd probably kill it.
Besides, all he did was express interest in the idea, doesn't mean he's actually gonna do it. Calm down.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

@Spoony_Tech If I had used another Rare IP, the analogy would of been lost. >_> Besides can anyone name a IP Rare made after their acquisition, besides Grabbed by the Ghoulies?
Whatever IPs Rare had is now Microsoft's, and the likelihood any of their original N64 games being released on VC is super low.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Does Ubisoft realize they are ticking more people off with PR rather than with straight forward honesty?
Yeah, telling Wii U owners there's no market for AC on Wii U would hurt, but their transparent half-truths are hurting consumer trust more.
Maybe if they made a dedicated Wii U game that the fans would like , they could get back in people's good graces again....
Watch them not do that.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

I'll just repost what I said about this earlier:
"Honestly, Ocarina of Time does not convert to 2d very well. The game is built around being 3d, to make it 2d would involve having to heavily reimagine every aspect of the game."



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

I think you're confused. MH3 is no where near a good representation of what the Wii U can do, mostly due to the fact it's an early title that wasn't properly optimized for the hardware. I think games like DK Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, SM3DW, and Mario Kart 8 are better examples that demonstrate the hardware capabilities better. Heck, Zelda U is good example as the that entire trailer was in-game and was drop dead gorgeous.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

For 2, in everyone's defense, whenever the game was showcased it's always on easy mode. People keep forgetting this is still a Musou game, so if you don't like that, you won't like this. Not even with the extra Zelda elements people seem to be ignoring.
@Tritonus It's a beat em' up. Don't like the genre, you'll hate this.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Sony, get off you high horse. Everyone had a Wii, EVERYONE. That's like saying: "Jeans are welcoming back people who wear shorts, after skipping jeans and denim pants". Can you please focus on hyping up the Vita, the PS4 don't need no help selling.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on AeternoBlade Update Brings Two DLC Options, In...:

@World Ohhh sorry, sir is my default. Don't mean to alienate you, I just say really stupid things someti- all the time. My fault for starting this really. =/
Though for clarification, I don't personally care if a game has fanservice or not. I'm just tired people seeing at as sexist, despite female centered fanservice does indeed exist (hint yoai and beefcake).



ZeroZX_Dev commented on AeternoBlade Update Brings Two DLC Options, In...:

@World Applause to you good sir, great post. Neh, I just think fan service has its place in all media, its not sexist since it pretty much goes both ways. Though of course male centered fan service is more prevalent due to a larger (or vocal) male presence in the industry, which is a shame. In a perfect world, there would be more female centered fanservice, but alas, that saddly hasn't happened.



ZeroZX_Dev commented on AeternoBlade Update Brings Two DLC Options, In...:

@k8sMum I mean "feminists", as in the ones wasting energy not complaining about real world issues, instead complaining about a scantily clad woman in a video game, rather than fighting real issues of gender inequality. They are what you call "on the clock feminists", I have no problem with feminists. They're actually fighting real inequality, not fan service.