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ZeroZX-Dev commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

Why is it the universe feels the need to make me incorrect about things when I say them on my podcast? Like seriously?
First Shenmue III, the FF VII.
How long will I be right about Half Life 3 before the universe corrects me?

Admittingly, its my fault for believing the rumor so I guess this one is me, but still.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

Reggie the PR man.
I like to remind people that NoA doesn't do any developing at this moment, nor can Reggie greenlight games "like that".
All Reggie can do/does is be the head rep for Nintendo in the US, and our bridge to NoJ. He can suggest sure, but that's all he can really do.
Right now, he's in damage control mode trying to kill the (immature) rioting and relieve the fans' worries with whatever he's allowed to say atm.

Also, knowing what we want != actually getting it.
Keep that in mind.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

Sheesh, everyone is acting like the creator is committed a huge crime or something.
Yeah, the game was meant to be a tech demo, but when you advertise it as an HD remake of SM64 using Galaxy assets... oh boy legal trouble.
As a developer myself, I'll admit to borrowing assets for temporary purposes and nothing more. I ain't got an infinite amount of time nor infinite amount of skill to be making new art/music/sounds every time time I want to test a new idea/mechanic.* Granted, I'm not going to refer to my character action combat system tech demo as a "Bayonetta remake" or something though some people who would probably skim through my long blog post declaring what is and call that anyway.
(No, the last thing I mentioned remake doesn't exist, don't bother looking it up.)

*EDIT: Throwing in this disclaimer that I do indeed replace the assets in the finalization process though.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

Honestly, I had my fun with 9 even though it was more luck based than say, 7 (the only other Mario Party I own ^_^*).
That being said, I've never been too big on the Mario Party sub series as a whole and while looks it like 10 is good for what it is, I'm not really all that interested in picking it up.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Capcom Licenses a Mega Man Runner for Android ...:

I was kinda hoping they would of just made Rockman XOver, except better in every way possible.
Why? Because at it's core it's not a bad formula if done right.
Think about it: actual platforming, more enemy variety, more move variety for the boss sequences, have bosses reward points for each defeat as you go, have the difficulty ramp up at each boss, and reward the player new moves with the score they earn as well as upgrade MegaMan to survive longer.
As a matter of fact, why not just capitalize on the Endless stage mode from MegaMan 9& 10? Or make Battle Network Virus Busting endless wave game? So many ideas, much money!



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

The original Teen Titans cartoon is way better than Go... I mostly hold a grudge against Go because it's not a continuation of that, but has the same characters and actors that played them before. I understand that Go is entirely different show and an entirely different genre but it still ticks me off they did that.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Atlus Serves Up Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyr...:

I dunno about the DLC... The Personas may or may not be worth the price based on the stats and skills they provide and the navigators are nice, I suppose, but this stuff should be sold in packs rather than individually, by themselves they don't seem worth the price.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

Either SEGA rushed this game out the door, or Red Button hadn't heard of this thing called beta testing. Either way, this game could of used half a year extra development time. There is literally no reason this game to run the way it does when it's only being coded on one platform... unless this game was intended to be a multiplat originally, then SEGA decided they wanted out of their contract with Nintendo and made the last minute decision to make it a Wii U only game.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants Mario Kart 8's DLC Master Cy...:

@Mahe Quit worrying about it, I'm pretty sure Aonuma knows what works and doesn't work for Zelda at this point.
If he wants to experiment, let him. Zelda as a franchise needs to evolve to stay relevant, and sometimes the most unexpected idea could be the greatest. Truth is, the fans don't always know what's best for the franchise and if they had control of it they'd probably kill it.
Besides, all he did was express interest in the idea, doesn't mean he's actually gonna do it. Calm down.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

@Spoony_Tech If I had used another Rare IP, the analogy would of been lost. >_> Besides can anyone name a IP Rare made after their acquisition, besides Grabbed by the Ghoulies?
Whatever IPs Rare had is now Microsoft's, and the likelihood any of their original N64 games being released on VC is super low.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Does Ubisoft realize they are ticking more people off with PR rather than with straight forward honesty?
Yeah, telling Wii U owners there's no market for AC on Wii U would hurt, but their transparent half-truths are hurting consumer trust more.
Maybe if they made a dedicated Wii U game that the fans would like , they could get back in people's good graces again....
Watch them not do that.



ZeroZX-Dev commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

I'll just repost what I said about this earlier:
"Honestly, Ocarina of Time does not convert to 2d very well. The game is built around being 3d, to make it 2d would involve having to heavily reimagine every aspect of the game."