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Wed 26th Dec 2012

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ZephyreSyx commented on Review: Crystal Adventure (DSiWare):

I was very skeptical about this game in the eShop and I was thinking it's gonna be a very bad experimental game like 3 heroes: crystal soul games. But when I saw the video of the game in action, I recognized the gameplay and brought it IMMEDIATELY! (and at 2 dollars!)

To those that aren't familiar with this particular genre, it is based on a game called Tower of the Sorcerer, made by Oz and Kenichi. It also inspired another game called DrodRPG, created by caravelgames, with simular gameplay and a lot more game mechanics.

I can assure you this game can be deceiving as being an actual RPG game as it carries all the mechanics, and it's definitely not a roguelike. It is really a puzzle game that requires you to pick and chose the best route and fights, while figuring the best way to increase your stats. It DOES requires several retries in order for you to complete the game as each try you gain a bit more knowledge in going further in the tower (think of it as a large scale desktop dungeons).

Crystal Adventure stands out from the two mention by putting EVEN MORE RPG elements to the game by adding an HP cap, duration on weapons, and level ups. Interesting also, you can collect fragments within the dungeon to boost HP, ATT, or DEF. The game however is missing a way to see the strength of your foes and it wants you to guess, engage and retreat if the fight goes bad. It's a different approach, but I don't quite agree with it. Careful calculation, perception and problem solving should had stayed as the base of the game. This, however, tries to be too much of an RPG when it's not.

This game could had been a hell of a lot better then what is put into it's development, and would had introduce some people to it's unique gameplay if it hadn't been done poorly. >.< First clue is the absence of an easy to implement grid movement which could prevent accidental fights, pick-up, and involuntary door openings. Second is the auto-save which simply having a manual save would had suffice and would help a hell of a lot when it comes to backtracking from your mistakes. I figure the obscurity of it's genre is so off from traditional games, the publishers thought the effort that could be put into it is pointless as not too many players would actually get it and just put it off as a badly made 'rpg'. I said not doing so did more damage in the long run and may had close many doors for developers that would try to create games like this.

For those that are interesting in learning and play more of this type of game, google 'Tower of the Sorceror', and 'DrodRPG'. The first is free and the demo is availible on caravelgames website. I found DrodRPG worth it because you can also download great quality user made levels, which are called 'holds'. They are collaborated on the forum before publishing it in their cloud.