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Sat 7th September, 2013

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Zelda3ds commented on Save Data Hackers Top Competition Leaderboards...:

Thank you for posting this story Nintendo Life.

Hopefully Nintendo, Game Freak and/or Genius Sonority will take some action to put an end the Pokemon Shuffle Save Editior.

It's ruining the game.

With Nintendo's partnership with DeNA for mobile games, it would help investor confidence if Nintendo showed it's willingness to litigate to protect its intellectual property rights.

Pokemon Shuffle is a free-to-play game, much like virtually all mobile games. It doesn't look good to investors, if Nintendo allows hackers to create programs to hack all items in the game (depriving Nintendo of revenue) without Nintendo trying to put a stop to it.

Nintendo stock was buoyed by people believing future revenue from mobile games would be forthcoming. If everyone hacks everything in the mobile games, they will not pay for microtransactions, and no revenue will be generated by mobile gaming.



Zelda3ds commented on Save Data Hackers Top Competition Leaderboards...:

Emperorbob is a SciresM & PSSE apologist.

If you read the thread on GameFAQs, you will see that hacking Pokemon Shuffle with PSSE is rampant and prevalent.

Emperorbob is the real troll, he attacks every person who points out the hacking activities. I don't know if he's a cheater, a hacker, a friend of SciresM (the developer of the Pokemon Shuffle save file hacking program), but he's clearly got an agenda to protect the hackers/cheaters.

Einsteiner has posted in the thread how he's been ranked in the top 28, with only the top 27 changing positions above him. Then suddenly he's ranked 88, so 60 people have passed him in the rankings in one day (which is ridiculous, and never happened prior to the PSSE hack).

So obviously, emperorbob is trying to hide the facts, by posting lies.

But if you read the posts on the Pokemon Shuffle GameFAQs board, you can see that emperorbob does this all the time.