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Mon 2nd Jun 2014

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Zed101 commented on Video: Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offe...:

Have it and still play it on the Wii, would have been tempted if it had been upscaled, how hard can it be to make an algorithm to convert Wii to WiiU? then the same to upscale, I can see the issues converting a game which made specific use of the wiimote and nunchuck as a pointer and motion sensor to taking facility of the gamepad, that would take human input....

After an initial woot! woot! I must admit that this is very disappointing, however for anyone who has never owned or played SMG2 then boy it's like xmas again!

The cynic in me has joined up with my paranoia and thinks that this is an attempt to milk as much and as quickly as possible due to a possible announcement later this year or early next, new console = coffin nails for the old... so rather than do a proper job that a game like SMG deserves Nintendo are throwing out this half hearted attempt to boost title numbers and scrape in a few extra coppers.

That said I may well get the Kirby games if released as they should have gamepad and pro support!

PS. Why no SMG first? seems strange to release 2 and not 1



Zed101 commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

I fail to see what this offers, unless you want to cross perving anime / hentai stylie and playing a crappy knock off of smash bros! if that's your bag go the whole hog and just find an illusion game for your PC.
Even for a beta the graphics and movement are pitiful, "watch my legs stay completely still as I float up into the sky, before beating you to death with a ribbon on a stick"
Would probably not bother wasting the bandwidth downloading this even if it were free!



Zed101 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine and Beyond Good and Evil not listed tsk tsk!

Metroid, Galaxy 1 and 2 are already compatible and good enough quality, HD would be nice but for someone who owns the WII versions it may not be a massive upgrade.

Metroid would be better for not using the wiimote and having proper controls, the other games listed do not really offer anything different than I could pick up for £5 second hand on my PS3 or XBOX360

Would like to see a HD Paper Mario compilation, and a HD redux of Pikmin 1 + 2 along the lines of Pikmin 3



Zed101 commented on Mario Kart 8 Sells More Than 1.2 Million Units...:

@Ryno , Yeah I know, just don't have the patience, like I said despite my annoyance, it doesn't stop me from returning to play it again and again,

On line is a massive boost, despite my heavy Nintedo bias I can't help feeling that Mod Nation Racers is still a better game in many ways, although MK is AWESOME it would have been nice to have a track customiser etc... to really indulge the MK fans, just think how good that would have been an MK8 track builder, and a massive online network to indulge creativity with!!! not to mention how much money N could have generated from DLC and Addons!



Zed101 commented on Mario Kart 8 Sells More Than 1.2 Million Units...:

I pre-purchased MK8, my 9yo is a big fan, I have to give credit this is the best MK since Double Dash IMO, that said I still loathe the game with a vengance, I just cannot get past it not mattering how well I drive I get skanked from 1st down to 6th place 2 seconds from the line after being hit by a barrage of weapons,

Just wish there was a mode where you could disable all the weapons and just race.... SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!

That said completed the 50 and 100cc Grand Prix's before the actual release date!!!