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Thu 15th March, 2007

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ZeD commented on Flashcard Company Announces Initial Support fo...:

I have just got my hands on a New 3DS (at last) and I have not owned a 3DS for a few years. My issue is that if I want to play older 3DS games they are very hard to come across. Nintendo players do not trade their games in as much as other consoles - oh well, back to Monster Hunt for now



ZeD commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

Can't wait for this! But will have to wait a bit longer! :/
Had to sell my 3DS due to financial issues a few months back but I am getting a fat bonus end of this month, so 3DS XL, Kingdom Hearts + This! :D :D




ZeD commented on EA: Dead Space heading to Wii:

Yea, I agree with Wiiloveit but most people I know own a Wii and either a PS3 or XBOX360 so they already (might) have played it. :S



ZeD commented on New Play Control! Metroid Prime is HOT.:

I think what Nintendo is doing is fantasic! Im happy Pikmin has come out, but I am waiting for Pikmin 2. MP looks ace and I have had a go of Mario Tennis(JP) - it is very good!