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Mon 11th Nov 2013

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Yung_Tiga commented on Rumour: New Pokémon Game In Development, Focu...:

You know what...and everyone that love pokemon game will agree with what I'm saying..for the 3ds & wii U all we want is a pokemon game that lets us go back to all the regions we have incountered.(its like a big remake but all the pokemon games together) To fight all those gym leaders over agian. To walk with our pokemon. To get the chance to battle the main characters of all those games from red/blue through x/y...secret bases...and all that stuff ...your doing a great and wonderful job with these pokemon games...but just take some of our ideas and put in the games ...and customizing trainers don't take that away..that's that best thing ...and I rather walk with my pokemon to ..give us a option to walk with our pokemon or not..That's all please..take consideration of this comment thanks..I believe this is all we want plus your ideas. Thanks again.