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Sun 13th January, 2013

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Yoshis95 commented on Poll: Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?:

@Wes880 I would imagine the 3ds one being better on the new 3ds, although the lack of levels on the 3ds version is a shame. Personally my favorite is Brawl. The 64 was fun but tended to mess up my thumb joints. And melee i didnt spend much time on.



Yoshis95 commented on Every Smash Bros amiibo Will Be Compatible Wit...:

why cant nintendo make dlc they intend to use with a figure? its not like you have to have that dlc but its a cool bonus if you own the amiibo. I think the amiibo's are a cool idea, give it time, no need to hate on it before its even released.



Yoshis95 commented on Review: Harvest Moon 2 (3DS eShop / Game Boy C...:

Wanna find a harvest moon thats as entertaining as HM Animal Parade, thats one of my favorites, but other then that a magical melody with normal looking characters instead of chibi's would be cool, or if they made a sequel to a wonderful life that had tons more content would be sweet, that one got boring after you get married.



Yoshis95 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA:

Pfft forget this, where is cruisn the world?! i stayed up all night playin that with an old buddy of mine, drinkin Dr pepper with sour punch straws and goin crazy with popcorn. fun times



Yoshis95 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

Has anyone else noticed it doesnt look like we will get a 3D light anymore? I know they dont have it on the current XL but it looks like they are removing it from the standard size now. It isnt a huge feature but one that i liked, its nice being able to know when u can use 3D and when u cannot.



Yoshis95 commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

Its annoying how much hate this is getting. As you can see from my name im a yoshi fan. Its also anoying how much people are dissing the graphics, the graphics are part of what yoshi's island is, and the graphics are sweet! Dont get this game if your looking for another FPS or graphic intense game, get this because you want yoshi island, cuz thats what this is, Yoshi's island.