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Sun 13th January, 2013

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Yoshis95 commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

Its annoying how much hate this is getting. As you can see from my name im a yoshi fan. Its also anoying how much people are dissing the graphics, the graphics are part of what yoshi's island is, and the graphics are sweet! Dont get this game if your looking for another FPS or graphic intense game, get this because you want yoshi island, cuz thats what this is, Yoshi's island.



Yoshis95 commented on Guide: Understanding The Basics Of Japanese Fo...:

I can usually guess my way around japanese games alright, but one time i was playing the Gurren Lagann game on the DS and i accidentally erased my save file... This guide probably would've come in handy then. Bookmarked



Yoshis95 commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Responds To Renegade Kid'...:

i don't think piracy has as big of an impact on console games as they'd like to think. But i do believe the lack of availability as other people have said does play a part in this game's failure, but then again i never saw phantasy star 0 on shelves and i still bought it online as well as my friend lol. so they need to stop blaming other stuff and just man up to their failure lol XD