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United Kingdom

Mon 12th Nov 2012

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Yipori commented on Events: Nintendo Life at Play Expo 2013:

I was helping setup and didn't think to ask if Nintendo Life was going to be there. It was great to be able to finally get some time with the New Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda, all of which were of course excellent. What was so difficult for me was all the Nintendo stuff was setup the day before the show started but they wouldn't let anyone touch it. (Sooo painful!) Lucky for me I didn't have to queue to get in so what able to have a good play. Nintendo were also giving out little gifts such as Pikmin key chains and eShop vouchers which was a nice touch.
Aside from the Wii U it was great to see so many people walking around with the 3DS (vital for when queuing), I was finally able to finish off a few streetpass pictures.
On the retro stuff there were 3 amazing Donkey Kong arcade units that looked immaculate. Great show, just a shame it's so far away from me.