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Thu 29th Nov 2012

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Yew commented on Matters Of Import: A Peek Into The Tragically ...:

@BigH88 What? When did NA demo DQX at e3 ?? I cant find that anywhere!!

Also if you look here youll see a USA release indicated in 2014 and the words "Game Status" "Confirmed by Square Enix" here

If they do a special edition wiiU then im gonna be the proud owner of a second wii u.

@Kolzig yeah man! Nintendo would be electrifying the world with such announcements!!



Yew commented on Dragon Quest X:

UM - THIS SAYS "Release Date 2014 USA" ??

"GAME STATUS - CONFIRMED BY SQUARE ENIX" also appears on this page


is it really coming? DQX - on the Wii-U - for the USA?