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Sat 6th Oct 2012

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YetAnotherMike commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Focus on the 3DS eShop:

When I picked up the 3DS, I looked forward to revisiting the kind of games that were the first to take advantage of "3-D graphics," and could now be displayed in "actual" 3-D.

But despite the eShop lowering barriers and costs for third-party developers, and how more than a half-dozen car-and-cart racing games have been released for the 3DS, I'm surprised how many genres aren't represented at all, a year after the 3DS was released.

No skateboarding in 3-D (in other words, Tony Hawk)... No snowboarding racers in 3-D (e.g. 1080, SSX, Shaun White)... No 3-D "alien" first-person shooters (a la Metroid Prime and Conduit — yet Wii U will have Aliens: Colonial Marines at launch)...

There are multiple 3-D takes on some professional sports (auto-racing, football/soccer, golf, tennis) — even bowling was a launch window title — but basketball, baseball and hockey only appear in cartoon-style mini-game collections.

And has the entire world really given up playing air-musician, dance, pop music and rhythm games? (Wii U will have Just Dance at launch, and retro-rhythm games in the style of the PS2's Frequency and Amplitude would probably look awesome on the 3DS.)

Developers, get on it!