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United Kingdom

Fri 6th Nov 2009

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YenHau commented on Monster Hunter Tri Eats Your Spare Time in April:

This is fantastic news, I was worried they were going to put it back to next Christmas. April is completely doable and only a month later than I expected.

@Prosody - We'll have to get a nice team together for this one mate, well looking forward to it:)



YenHau commented on Podcast: Episode 9 - Muramasa, Mario and More!:

@Sean Aaron - unfortunately Tyrone doesn't have time to do a video for Muramasa like he did for LKS. Its a shame as I really wanted him to do it, but fear not, he will be back in the new year for a couple of our bigger titles. I want to make this a regular thing so if you have any opinions on how we can improve on the LKS video do let me know, we value all your feedback.

@Stevie - thanks for your support! although I can't say whether a sequel is in the pipeline its always nice to hear people like your games:)