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Thu 23rd July, 2009

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Yellowtails commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I just want the gamecube controller for now, but that's even hard to find. What is going on with Nintendo?
Edit: I got one finally, but they still need to stock more, in case I decide to buy more controllers, and have more colors available and make it the adapter compatible with other games on the Wii U.



Yellowtails commented on Feature: These Are The Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs ...:

I would rather not have any more non-Mario characters in the game unless they change it to Nintendo Kart. (I also wouldn't mind if they do add more non-Mario characters) They should bring back the characters that were in Double Dash and Wii that weren't in 8. Battle arenas would be nice, even if they only bring back the retro ones. The DS and gamecube rainbow road would be a good track to put in DLC.



Yellowtails commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o...:

Definitely one of the best games....... on the Nintendo 64. Graphics were good for the time, but now it's not so good. The gameplay is good. The music was good and the atmosphere/feel of the game was amazing. Overall, it is worth playing, even though some of the later zelda games are much better.



Yellowtails commented on Nintendo 64x64: Super Smash Bros:

This game is a great start to a great series. Even though playing the newer games show how much limited this game is in gameplay (no side B), stages, characters, and modes, it still an interesting game to check out.



Yellowtails commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Lead the ...:

So they have ones that feature one Mario enemy. Now they need ones with Koopa Troopas, Lakitus, and Koopa Paratroopas. (And other enemies)
The New Pokemon one looks cool. Hopefully, they'll do ones featuring one Pokemon.
Other Nintendo series would be nice, too.



Yellowtails commented on Nintendo 64x64: Paper Mario:

A very brilliant game and funny adventure that easily comes recommended as a game you need to play as soon as possible, even if you already played the Gamecube and Wii sequels. Do what ever you can to play it. (Whether it is on the original N64 or Wii Virtual Console). You will not be disappointed.



Yellowtails commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

This game is fun, but it definitely did not age well. The gameplay is decent, but there is nearly nothing to unlock, the graphics for the characters are terrible, the computer player AI is bad, some items work awkwardly, like the red shell and golden mushroom.



Yellowtails commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party:

This game was great, but losing coins when you lose certain mini games wasn't cool at all. The rotating stick mini games were also not good.



Yellowtails commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Happy Birthday to the GameCube!
This system brought us many great games such as Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Parties 4-7, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Sunshine, and so much more.



Yellowtails commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. You have a chance at putting other characters in and you put in Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach? Other than those two characters though, this DLC is looking great. I wish they would make battle mode arenas again, with elimination.