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Wed 20th Nov 2013

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YashaStepanovic commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

my order is still standing, I put my order in within minutes of them opening it up (I got lucky) and @stuffgamer1 who ordered at the same time is still getting his as well, however one of our friends got his cancelled and is currently RAGING at Best Buy and taking it up as far the ladder as he can.



YashaStepanovic commented on Weirdness: The Pokémon Timeline Seems as Craz...:

this is all just conjecture and reading too much into things IMO. Half of what is stated is the game simply reflecting the technology of the handheld systems at the time, the other is simply attributing different features/mechanics to a different world, it's a nice theory, but I don't buy it myself



YashaStepanovic commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

while I question the inclusion of Mega Alakazam (though I laughed for about 30 seconds at the reason), I'm glad I'm not alone in my opinion of most of Black and White's pokemon, that's one of the main reasons I never bothered with Black 2 or White 2, couldn't stand most of the new pokemon compared to the awesome ones back in gen IV.

Also, you forgot that Bidoof needs a place on that list



YashaStepanovic commented on Guide: Unlocking the Full Roster in Super Smas...:

@ThomasBW84 couple of things missing/inaccurate in this list (I just finished unlocking everything myself doing all single player), Ness you can get for doing classic twice. Dark Pit is 3 classic runs, not 4. You can get Wario from finishing 100 man smash, and finishing classic with Mario nets you Dr. Mario. Finishing Classic with Link gets Ganondorf, and using Mii Fighter to do classic nets Duck Hunt. Finally, finishing classic with ten characters nets Mr. Game & Watch, and collecting 200 trophies, then doing a smash battle, will net you R.O.B.



YashaStepanovic commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

ok, I don't comment/post often, but right now I feel the need, there seems to be a GROSS misunderstanding as to the concept of feminism vs 'feminazi'. Feminists, like myself (I'm male, btw, and identify as one), simply want equal rights for women, equal pay, equal work opportunity, equal standing in all parts of society, no matter what gender your birth certificate lists. Feminazis, on the other hand, tend to blame ALL men for their 'victimization' in all areas of life (while women may often be the victim of discrimination by men, this is certainly not always the case), feminazis are the ones who have been known to discriminate against men in 'retaliation', grow out their leg hair (which I have no objection to, it's just what they often do), and believe all men are the devil.

This being said, I have not seen the forums or Ms.Abou Karam's post, so I can't speak personally to her views, judging by the comment section here though, and the comments in the article, I'm lead to believe that she's not THAT bad in terms of her views (in fact they sound like they could be closer to mine, pro-equality for everyone). I'm not a backer of Mighty No. 9, but I'm starting to wish I was so I could further justify saying: giver her a fair chance.