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Sat 21st Jun 2008

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y2josh commented on Iwata Explains Lack of Second Circle Pad on th...:

I highly doubt they would have had to make the unit any bigger. It's already much bigger and they really didn't have to change much other than screen size. There should be plenty of extra space inside the thing for another slider.



y2josh commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

Reggie looks so slow in that picture with the Pikmin. Iwata and Miyamoto are at least trying to disguise the fact that they are holding plush dolls.

And "Win" is a silly word to be used, but I really can't say Nintendo "Won" because this should have been a huge E3 for them with the Wii U and they managed to let people down. Not all people, but people.

Overall, E3 sounds like it was a snooze fest.