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Sun 20th May, 2012

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Xtremetdifan commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

Its a little annoying that each week the plot(s) are unbelievable different from one another- but the show is pretty funny (when Sticks high pitched voice isn't talking) as Eggman and Sonic have some witty banner



Xtremetdifan commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

Hmm, people are upset over samus in a bra and shorts, have we forgotten that the male characters are sexualized on a regular basis?
How many male characters are naked?
-Donkey Kong
-Pikachu and multiple other Pokemon
If anything us men should be upset!



Xtremetdifan commented on Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino Leaked for Pokém...:

Why did these Pokemon get megas? Last time I checked Audino was only used for experience not battle. I like slowbro.... But this design is so bad. He x loses his derpy face just to be eaten. Audino has a cool design but again, why are these megas?



Xtremetdifan commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Three Mega Evolution...:

@Yorumi I agree with some of your points but at the end of the day Pokemon is a kids game Nintendo won't put forth a ton of effort in balancing the competitive scene of a game targeted at 5-12 year olds.

However I feel that megas are handled quite well for the most part, some powerful Pokemon didn't need it(Gengar, blakizen,etc) but having 1 per team stops people from running around with MegaKhan and MegaZard and 4 other megas on the same team.... That would be game breaking. And for every Mega Salamance, there is a Mega Khan:A low tier Mon that was barely used is now allowed to shine.

Is it balanced? NO.
Is it enjoyable? Yes. Just enjoy the game



Xtremetdifan commented on Review: Comic Workshop (3DS eShop):

You know, I can draw well in real life but I could never translate it onto colors 3d, I assume all the tutorials would make this different, but.... I guess I'm just wondering what the full extent of this apps tools are and if it's worth the $8 price tag.
And on a completely unrelated note, what ever happened to Flipnote Studio?



Xtremetdifan commented on Review: 2048 (3DS eShop):

I feel like an idiot, but I'm going to spend $2 on a game I could buy on my phone for free. The 3D view seems cool, and I use my 3ds for gaming far more than my phone