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Fri 30th Oct 2009

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Xiepher commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

I got my NES back on Christmas of 1989, came with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. I remember playing through SMB and had a rough time with Bowser at 1-4, back then I was only 9 years old. Then I plugged in the zapper and tried out Duck Hunt, had a blast with both games, and laughed my butt off every time I ended up missing a duck and seeing the dog pop up and laughing at me. Of course, over time that dog became annoying to me and I tried shooting it, hehe.



Xiepher commented on Review: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth (Wii...:

I really like this game. I never got the chance to play the Castlevania The Adventure on the gameboy though, but I definately like this game, especially since it's not like SoTN or the GBA games which I never really cared for much. Really would like to see a remake simular to Castlevania 2 and / or Castlevania 3.