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I have too many anime girlfriends.

Male, 27, United States

Some guy who plays video games...probably too much, but I don't care, they're fun. I'm not a huge anime fan, but I watch some...also, I love Erica...she's cute, smexy, and has a lot in common with me, so STAY AWAY FROM HER!! x3

Thu 14th May, 2009

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Xiao_Pai commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

Anyways I just hope Amiibos will learn to do things right compared to normal CPUs, lol. (seriously, saw them do stupid stuff like tossing Pokeballs off the stage, and certain characters using Final Smashes in random places. xD)



Xiao_Pai commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

Yeah, kinda sick of 3rd parties due to the laziness in their games...which are usually just ports. Then there's ones like Platinum and Koei Tecmo, they seem to actually care about the Wii U. Though I haven't played Bayonetta/2 yet (money, lol), but Hyrule Warriors is pretty fun. :p



Xiao_Pai commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Wishlist, lol
1. New 3DS release date
2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (already know about it, just wanna see them talk about it, lol)
3. New Mario Maker trailer.
4. Info on Amiibo for other games.
5. Duck Hunt trailer.