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Sun 29th May 2011

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Xevnest commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

No no, a million times no. When I spend upwards of 40 dollars on a product, I want to hold it in my hand. But that's just me. If you have a handheld console full of downloaded games, and it gets stolen or broken beyond repair, then not only is the save data lost, but so are ALL OF YOUR GAMES. The ones you spent all that money on. Because you don't own physical copies of them. Comparing a handheld gaming device to an ipod (one that only plays mp3s) is just non nonsensical. With an ipod, each song is backed up on your computer on iTunes. So if the iPod gets broken or stolen, you still have all your music, and still you can burn it all to CDs to be extra safe. Plus each song only costs one dollar, unlike a full retail 3DS game, which is $40. (Not to mention you can find virtually ANY song online for free if you don't feel like buying it.) Also, jeez, the carts themselves are TINY. you can fit a dozen of them in a pocket ALONG with your 3DS. If they were the size of an NES cart, then yeah I could understand the complaints. Lastly, what about those who don't have high speed internet? There's a big chunk of people who wouldn't be able to buy it right there.