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Thu 12th Jun 2014

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Xeon2143 commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@PlywoodStick It really depends, Monolith Soft and Retro as well as intelligent Systems Seem to have enjoyable experiences working with Nintendo, they usually have much more creative freedom than the EAD studios and even then, nintendo is letting them branch out with new IPs with the Miyamoto junior teams. I would imagine Capcom studios getting the same treatment without the paid updates or the paid updates becoming cheaper. Nintendo has shown high respect for many of capcom's franchises perhaps even more than capcom themselves and have shown some interest in mergers or acquisitions, meaning they are aware of the Japanese gaming industry upheaval. In the industry they have the best buying power and the best policies to keep the franchises on track and potentially revive older ones like Trojan or another Strider game, and restore the honor of franchises like Resident Evil.