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United Kingdom

Mon 8th Oct 2012

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Xalaru commented on Ever Wonder Why Pokémon Black And White 2 Isn...:

I'd rather they'd release it on the 3DS, but I can see why they didn't. At least us with a 3DS get things like the Dream Radar and Pokédex3DPro. Not to mention that epic looking Mystery Dungeon game (which hopefully will get a UK/EU/AU release).



Xalaru commented on PETA Targets Pokémon Black & White 2 in Lates...:

This is ridiculous. I've been playing Pokémon ever since Pokémon Red, I'm 16 now, and I'm one of the biggest animal lovers out there; even adopting a dog from a shelter this week and want to work with animals when I'm older.
Pokémon has always been a harmless game where it's all about the bond between the trainer and Pokémon, and working to accomplish goals. Not the idea of the trainer just locking up a Pokémon in a contained space and letting it out just to get ripped to shreds against its will.
I don't see why PETA even bothers with stupid things like this, they kill half of their animals anyway without a second thought. Attacking things that people grew up with and have been around for years (aka Pokémon) is just gonna 'cause more hate towards them. They should spend their time actually working towards worthwhile causes, not getting offended by little cartoon creatures.