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Wed 1st Apr 2009

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XD375 commented on Rumour: Next Sonic Game Will Go Back To His Ro...:

This is completely wrong.

A few years ago, just after Unleashed came out, a guy named Wentos started posting info on a new Sonic game on 4chan. He was proven wrong and none of it came up again.

Wentos' existence has been a joke both within the Sonic fanbase and on 4chan. This leak came from a guy pretending to be Wentos, but he couldn't even get the name right and called himself Wintos. For whatever reason, one or two members on some Sonic forums thought Wentos was one of our legitimate sources, and now this is spreading like wildfire.



XD375 commented on Tails Adventure And Crystal Warriors Get Rated...:

Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth are both notorious as games that are possibly even worse than Sonic '06 (and having played all three games, I can say it might just be true), so it's more of a blessing that they're not on the shop.



XD375 commented on Sorry Australia, You're Not Getting The Walkin...:

@Nano This isn't a remake, this is just a new game trying to steal some success from the good Walking Dead game.

I don't care for the comics or the TV show, but the Walking Dead game that's on other consoles was brilliant. This just looks like trash.



XD375 commented on Capcom Announce Street Fighter X Mega Man:

Capcom picked the game up, funded it, and tested it. It was amazing when SEGA did it with the Sonic CD remake, but when Capcom does it, it's wrong? I'm personally excited to play this.



XD375 commented on Sumo Digital: Mario Kart Could Learn From Soni...:

A lot of these comments couldn't be any more wrong...

First of all, it wasn't Sumo's idea to use Danica Patrick or Wreck-It Ralph in the game. Steve Lycett from Sumo said himself back in June that he actually warned SEGA that the fans wouldn't be happy. However, SEGA went through with it and as a result the game has a higher budget. Sumo also went and made Danica and unlockable character so that players don't even have to see her if they don't want to.

Secondly, this game did not rip off Mario Kart 7 as it has been in development since 2010, shortly after the first game's release. Sumo reported that there was a lot of shock and confusion when they watched Nintendo's press conference together in 2011, though. XD

Thirdly, I see a lot of hate going around here towards this game, and all I can ask of you all is to try it before you knock it. I personally adore this game and I'm doing nothing to hide that. However, I don't think comparisons to Mario Kart are justified. Mario Kart is a party racer - Nintendo has even said this in the past. This game is more of an arcade racer like OutRun or Hydro Thunder, only with power-ups. Simply put, both games hold very different places on the gaming spectrum.



XD375 commented on Wii to Wii U Data Transfer Details Emerge:

I want to know if we can tether certain games to certain Nintendo IDs.

I live in a large family and many of us downloaded many different games. My brothers are gonna kill me if they all get tethered to my ID.



XD375 commented on Ex-Rare Staffer: Exodus Wouldn't Have Happened...:

Banjo-Kazooie wouldn't work without Leigh Loveday's humour. Nintendo would have to hire him as a writer if they wanted to buy Banjo-Kazooie.

But yeah, the employees who left Rare were from the Goldeneye team:

The DKC/B-K team went onto make Viva Piñata and Nut & Bolts, which were objectively Microsoft's highest quality Rare games. Nuts & Bolts just shouldn't have been a Banjo game...



XD375 commented on Ex-Rare Staffer: Exodus Wouldn't Have Happened...:


That was just a silly rumour.

And to everyone else, Nintendo is just as much to blame as Microsoft. Nintendo had first dibs on Rare and they rejected. It's been said many times. The only two companies interested in buying Rare were Activision and Microsoft.