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XCWarrior commented on One Classic Mega Man Game Is Coming to Wii U E...:

They should just rename the WiiU virtual concole to the "Classic Mario and Mega Man library."

Not that this is a bad thing, but we don't get a lot of variety. I'm expecting at least 1 if not both of the other Network games, and then just more of the X series.



XCWarrior commented on This Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box Art May Get...:

Looks impressive. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is #1 on my game wish list, has been since the day it was announced in Japan. I really wish we could get a date instead of Early 2015. I'm hoping for January, would be a good idea during the gaming dead period, it would have everyone's full attention.



XCWarrior commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@russellohh Makes more sense, but still most people don't have that kid of money. I've been platinum all but 1 year... but man some of their club nintendo offerings are very passable... and they repeat as well. But to each their own. But again, if there were tons of people like you, Nintendo would be back swimming in their gold coins again like they were in the Wii/DS days.



XCWarrior commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@bboy2970 WHY do you own so many 3DSs? There are stick covers you could buy for a 3DS instead of just buying all of those. Imagine all of the games you could have bought instead, lol. But I guess if you have money to burn (or credit cads to increase your debt)... I guess go for it.



XCWarrior commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@russellohh You have 300 games you didn't pay for... from Club Nintendo? So you did you magically obtain coins, or did you BUY games in order to do surveys to accumulate coins? And you are the exception, most people do not buy every Club Nintendo game of the month every month. I won't say you are the only one... but you are one of 10 or 11 people.



XCWarrior commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

Please Nintendo fans, let's not blow this out of proportion. 300 is a HUGE number.... my bet is less than 100 people will ever get to it.

And I say this as someone who owns over 550 games total over the course of my life.... so yeah, it's going to be pretty tough to get to 300 on 1 system.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Super Toy Cars (Wii U eShop):

Sounds like the game is a patch and maybe the addition of online leaderboards and track sharing away from being a pretty good game.

Doesn't sound bad, doesn't sound great. I do love the idea of a track editor though... I'll keep it on my wish list, and reevaluate when/if a patch comes.



XCWarrior commented on Two Tribes Announces New 2D Shooter, RIVE:

Might as well remove this story from this Nintendo site after their Two Tribes last tweet -

"To clarify on the coming to 'consoles' part. We're hoping to release it on all three platforms, but can't 100% commit yet."

We know which 1 is in jeopardy, and it's not PS4 or XBoner...



XCWarrior commented on Adam West Dusts Off His Bat-Vocals for LEGO Ba...:

I only own 1 Lego game, and it's the first Lego Batman game. If Adam West is in this 1... well I might have to go ahead and buy my second Lego game.

Adam West is the best Batman, and any argument against this fact is invalid.



XCWarrior commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

This can never happen, and there is 1 big reason why -

The Super FX chip.

The Super FX chip was the greatest piece of technology ever created. We gamers today complain about things needing to be 60 FPS. But the Super FX Chip could run things at over 9000 FPS. This is why some kids got seizures. So of course the federal government stepped in, and said never again can technology as great as the Super FX chip be made.

So that's why there aren't a ton of Wii SNES VC games, and even less on the WiiU and 3DS. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Your minds = blown.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (North America):

Might have to get Siesta Fiesta down the road after reading the glowing Nintendo Life review.

Also, having already own it, I recommend POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE if you like Yahtzee and want a good time killer when you are watching TV or what not. Certainly worth $1.



XCWarrior commented on Site News: Look, We'll Provide File Sizes For ...:

I need to know the file size of this news article ASAP!


Seriously, do people really care that much? Buy a 32 gig SD card for your 3DS, buy a terabite external hard drive for your Wii U and it won't matter.



XCWarrior commented on Dragon Quest X All-In-One Retail Package Will ...:

Hi Japanese Dragon Quest fans, in case you didn't own this title not once, not twice, not thrice and not four times already, now you can by all 4 versions at once! Because... why not?!

Rest of the world... no Dragon Quest for you!



XCWarrior commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):

Game sounds interesting. Guess it shows that every now and then, something good can come from something that sounds silly.

I'd knock a point off for the name, which hopefully won't kill sales too much. Sadly anything with "party" in its name, even if it's the Spanish word, usually brings back memories of mini game clones.



XCWarrior commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Increases By Half In T...:

@Blackleg_sanji Correct. Worst of the 3D Zeldas by a landslide. Sluggling through the seas 1 time on the Gamecube was enough. never again. I say that as I probably call it an 8/10 vs all the others which are 9/10 or better, but in terms of the Zelda Franchise, the only games worse than it is Zelda II on NES and the CDI games for PC.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

Nice piece.. a bit long in the tooth... but great points made.

I do think there is a fair amount of shovelware on the eshop, no doubt. But this is no different than any other generation. Just before it was on the retail shelves. Go look in a bargain bin at a Walmart or Toys R Us and you will find tons of garbage - Imagine (Fill in Blank), I Spy, Party Timezzzz, TV/Movie Tie In game, etc etc. And these games were initially priced at $30-$50! Sure, an "established publisher" has their name on the box, but they play like a bunch of college interns got together for a summer and slapped a game together.

Quality control will forever be a problem in all formats - games, movies, TV, etc. The eshop could use some remodeling to maybe divide this up, but it needs fixing period. It's hard to find anything more than 3 weeks old on there if you don't know it by name.

There will always be shoveware, sad but true fact.



XCWarrior commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

@PuppyToucher I'd be sad if the XBoner's purchasing intent went up b/c of a remake. But the PS4 is being driven by the Last of Us remake... so.... I hate remakes. Give me new games, not cheap upres versions of games you made a few years back.

But yeah, no shock WiiU purchase intent went up after E3. We'll see what happens after today.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

It's free stuff, so can't complain too much.

But maybe just keep is simple Nintendo. Gold status means you can download any 1 VC title of your choice.

Platinum status you get any eshop title you want, with maybe the only restriction being games that cost $40+.

B/c lets face it, too many Club Nintendo users buy 1st party only and own most of these games.

I think I'll get Dr. Luigi since it's one of the higher priced games and it has online. Need to let Nintendo know I want online in my games!

(I also think this is due to another bad financial year for Nintendo, saves them money.)



XCWarrior commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

As of 11 a.m. EST on Sunday, I'm shocked that Twilight Princess is 3rd. I love that game, but most podcast people don't speak highly of it. Yet speak highly of the super duper overrated Wind Waker. So glad to see most gamers have their had screwed on tight.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Bases Loaded (Wii Virtual Console / NES):

Be nice if this got cross buy. Even better if it got cross save... I still might pick up 1 of the versions, but kind of waiting on the whole cross buy rumors to either be squashed or come true before buying VC ATM.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship E...:

Only 9/10? ...pass.

Just kidding. Only thing I wasn't happy about was that the day before this edition was released, Steam had a prior edition on sale for like $1 or $2. And it's been part of a Humble Bundle deal where you could have paid for $1 for it.

Basically, what I'm saying is $15 is a bit much given it's been way cheaper on many other platforms already.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

It's nice to see there are so many more releases per week now. Most people should be able to find something.

POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE is going to be my first purchase, but there are a few other game I may also pick up down the road. Great week!



XCWarrior commented on Review: Squids Odyssey (3DS eShop):

@shigulicious I think I'll pick it up eventually either way, but what I mean is if they announce Cross buy for the game, we all should pick it up ASAP so Nintendo of America knows that cross buy can be successful. Totally agree on the other games you mentioned, but with my current backlog, I can wait for a sale at least right now.

Wish you could buy free time...



XCWarrior commented on Iwata's Approval Rating Rises While Miyamoto's...:

@WanderingPB At least you figured it out.

I think it proves my theory correct. Most people don't know what "IP" means. I think most gamers think "IP" simply means "new game," not new "Intellectual Property."

So Nintendo Life writers, please on first reference fore EVERY article apaprently, please spell out Intellectual Property on first reference, because most gamers dont realize "new IP" voids the chance of a remake.