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XCWarrior commented on Kung Fu FIGHT! Will Exchange Blows With the Wi...:

@argh4430 I own 28 WiiU eshop and 34 3DS eshop games. I buy physical whenever possible, so that's 62 games you can only get on the eshop. Most of them are the indy devs. I like 8 bit... but too much of it right now. Maybe work with a buddy and get the art skill up a bit. We have this thing called the internet, shouldn't be that hard to work together with someone.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@Platypus101 No matter what happens, the company will not go into the ground. They have a ton of assets. Is it going to change? Yes. Die? No. in the end, I still expect them to put out fun games.... it just might be in new forms.

@TwilightAngel Glad someone agrees with me. And toy fad will die off eventually... or they'll make Pokemon ones and take over the world. Like seriously, where are the Pokemon amiibo. They don't need functionality with a game. People just want the statues. Realize this Nintendo!

@JaxonH Yes, and Sony is done with handhelds. Xbox outsold the Gamecube. It didn't do 360 numbers, but it was going to make a loss b/c MS was new to the market and they made lots of great changes with 360. That was their learning console.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@Platypus101 Agreed... to a point. Look what Sony did. Major overhaul with the PS4 because what they did with PS3 didn't work. I'm just saying with a new CEO, they aren't going to simply stay on course. New guy in charge, he'll have his own ideas. Things will change.

@JaxonH Let's say you owned a business that sold 3 things. One sells about what you hoped. One sells less than you hoped. One sells insanely well. You are going to say things are going well, BUT in the future, which product are you going to focus on?



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@TheRealThanos I get what you are saying, but I"m saying things are going to be different in 2016 once the successor is named. Unless they name some old timer that likes things the old way, but he'd probably be a stop gap.

I'm going with my eyes on this. During the DS era, if I went to an event, I saw like a dozen kids playing their DS at it. Now, out of 12 kids, 11 are playing on their smart phone, maybe one with a DS. If I'm lucky that 1 kid will have a 3DS.

Iwata's passing is going to speed up a pretty big shift in Nintendo. Will it be good or bad? I dunno. But it's going to be big, and his death accelerated that change in my mind.

I almost forgot about Quality of Life. And now that we know about Iwata's health problems, he was the forerunner on that. I don't expect that to survive long without him at the helm... again unless the person taking over has a very similar mindset.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@TheRealThanos You act like I wanted him gone.

Stockholders want to make money. That's why they have stock in the company. Nintendo did not make money for 3 years. When that happens, stockholders want changes made.

I'm sure on the outside they were sad, but on the inside they were like, "Finally, we get somebody in there who will go mobile." Yes, Iwata was making the steps toward mobile, but they had, what 2 games planned for this year? Don't be shocked if in 2016 we see a LOT more production and energy sources go toward mobile vs their handhelds/consoles.



XCWarrior commented on Endless Golf:

It's priced right. If it gets a solid enough review, might pick this up. Need a golf game on WiiU, since Nintendo decided we needed Mario Tennis more than Mario Golf or Soccer or Baseball on it.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

Amazed by the Binding of Isaac love given its original reelase on PC was a generation ago.

Dragon Fantasy for me if the reviews are good. Some good discounts it looks like as well, as there usually is.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

@ninty4thewin LOL no I don't buy amiibo. I love watching the insanity that is caused by them. So yes, bundle exclusive amiibo in the WiiUs, mark them unreturnable, and heck, make it so there are 3 exclusive amiibo possible in the WiiU bundle, and you DON'T KNOW which one you'll get!

The chaos would be glorious!



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

I can post in game screen shots with comments still? Then I'm good.

I don't like how I can only see the last post from my people on my friends list, cause I miss a lot, but the interface goes too slow to spend time clicking a person to see their non-latest post.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

The amiibo that comes in the WiiU bundle should be exclusive to the bundle. That's the best way to increase sales.

I don't thin, Mario Maker will be able to set the world on fire, but 2 million by Christmas seems reasonable - for the game of course.

I know I've got it and Xenoblade Chronicles preordered, and will get Star Fox as well. Plus the 3DS stuff coming. It's going to be a good holiday at least for my gaming time.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

Good to see all of the Nintendo is horrible complaints are back.

I just want to see Nintendo Life confirm that Satoru Iwata was in fact the guy who wrote up the press releases and that's why there wasn't one this week? Man the President of the company clearly did everything!



XCWarrior commented on Review: Star Fox Command (Wii U eShop / DS):

I think that is a perfect grade for this game. I LOVE Star Fox. 64, Assault, Adventures are all great games. The original is tough but still fun.

But the controls in Command are wretched, even on DS. I only played through the game 1 time. Ground Zero already looks about 100000000x better.

Would have been nice of them to put a new set of controls in this version. It's OK Nintendo to tweak Virtual Console titles up on release.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

He's been sick for over a year. Guess this was to be expected. Kind of surprised he didn't step down if his health was getting this bad.

New president coming, big changes probably as well. Nintendo is about to go into new era.



XCWarrior commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

@MikeW Wrong. NOA found it unacceptable. NOE and the others thought it was OK.

DIFFERENT PEOPLE MAKE THE DECISIONS. It's as if they have different opinions?!?! OH MY GOSH PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS! NO WAY! Even on the Internet this is a thing that is allowed! I just blew your mind!



XCWarrior commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

@TwilightAngel Yes, come on Nintendo, release a game that is starting to sound like it's going to average a 6! You haven't played the game. They have. My bet is they know it's bad.

If the game is bad, I hope it doesn't see a release. We'll know for sure in a week when the European reviews start coming out.



XCWarrior commented on Fire Emblem Fates Leads Japanese Charts Alongs...:

@JaxonH @chardir If I were to pick up a PS4 (no time to), I'd get MLB The Show, subscribe to PS Plus and never buy another game. I don't know how that system survives (I know most people can't wait to play a game past day 1, but I can). They give you 5+ free games a month. 2 are probably gonna be good. So play those with all the other systems most of us own, and never actually buy a game. Cause most of the good ones are free eventually.



XCWarrior commented on Gold and Super Smash Bros. Mario amiibo, Signe...:

Typo - "Both are NOT up for auction to support the Child's Play charity"

Otherwise, these might be the first two amiibo listed on ebay that I'm OK with going for above face value. Sadly they probably won't outsell the double fisted Metroid from long ago.



XCWarrior commented on Fire Emblem Fates Leads Japanese Charts Alongs...:

@chardir There was a time that was a fun joke about PS4. Not anymore. There are tons of good games if you don't own a gaming PC, which most of Japan does not.

@faint No worries. I've done the same thing. If Happy Home Designer sells a million in the US, I'd be shocked. In Japan, MAYBE cracks a million, but even then, it's a shell of a game.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburb...:

With quite possibly the greatest video game title of all time, I am really disappointed in the clear anti-train bias Nintendo Life is showing. This game should have scored no lower than a 10/10. Where are the Social Justice Warriors when you need them?!?!?!



XCWarrior commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

Sega is at the point where the only reputation they have is one you DON'T want.

Let's face it. They'll do what they always do. Show a new game. First trailer will only have Sonic and Tails. Then next trailer with have like 6 friends, 2 new ones. Then you'll see the new stupid mechanic where he changes colors and it will dictate how fast he goes. And then it won't be a 2D platformer and the fans will erupt again.



XCWarrior commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

@CrimSkies97 5? Wow, somebody is being Mr. optimistic today! I'd put the number at 1 or 2 tops.

@rjejr No way. Sony is done with the handhelds. It's officially Nintendo vs Nintendo on cell phones by the end of the year. Will be interseting to see how the how long the snake can successfully eat its own tail.