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WYLD-WOO commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

Ahh what!!! I missed this article today as I purchased the sport instead.

Some great funny comments that l've enjoyed reading on here tonight.

If you live outside of the UK, don't take the Sun newspaper so seriously. No one in the UK ever does.



WYLD-WOO commented on Review: AiRace Xeno (3DS eShop):

@Ralek85 - Wipeout for the vita had some nice polish but that was about it. Apart from a few courses, that game was slow, had poor clunky controls and the gameplay was no existant. This is different as the AiRace provides intuitive racing with touch tight controls. Unlike wipeout, I can can achually see in front of me. This game requires skill to master and offers a real sense of achievement when you get a gold on each course. Wipeout 2048 gameplay wise in not even is the same league as AirRace. That's without the cost comparasion of the two taken into consideration.



WYLD-WOO commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

Wow, EA must have built a time machine and old pete must have travelled back to the future.

What if, EA did make time machines. They would rush it out for it's year-round release and then you program in some place/thing nice to witness. Then you end up on some battle field in 1066....



WYLD-WOO commented on This Rather Neat "Mario White Edition" 3DS XL ...:

One of my favourite 3DS designs of all time. Imported the same skin but with the black outlines for my 3DS XL a while back . Was tempted on a purchase for this via However, I can't justify the price tag just to play Rune Factory 4.



WYLD-WOO commented on Review: How to Survive (Wii U eShop):

This review score is so very wrong. Been playing with my brother have found it loads of fun. Missed the chance of playing this a year ago and really glad I purchased this top game.



WYLD-WOO commented on Steel Diver Version 2.0 Delayed, Now Targeting...:

GREAT NEWS… First I heard of another update, so an early June date is good for me. Not played for a while and kind of left this game alone after reaching level 99 and un-locking all the extra`s.

It`s kind of a shame they are giving a point deduction for shooting you`re own team member. I actually enjoyed taking out all the clan members, whatever team they were on.

I`m all for more fair game play on-line, so hope people will stop relying on team clans and start playing this game as it should be played.
What I would really like to see is some leader boards with the on-line stats.

Overall the up-date sounds like a really valid and it will sure to get me playing again once it arrives.



WYLD-WOO commented on Interview: A Look Through the Periscope at Ste...:

The best Nintendo on-line game ever by quite some way for me. I`ve retired for a while to play pocket football but I`ll be back. Great article Nintendolife for such an amazing game.

By the way.... Has anyone out there got better than my 64 winning streak?



WYLD-WOO commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (Europe):

NPFC is here!!! Pre-ordered a copy as present for my friends son for his Birthday and will be puchasing myself on Thursday with my credit left over from Christmas. Cool demos too, which I will be of course downloading.

Still think all these GBA games would be better suited to my 3DS.



WYLD-WOO commented on Video: This Nintendo Pocket Football Club Trai...:

What a great trailer and what a tune.

I`m really excited about this game. Great review by the way NintendoLife. I really like the fact that you have to watch each game and can`t skip it. I shall be spending lots of time on it, I`m sure.



WYLD-WOO commented on 3DS eShop Exclusive Nintendo Pocket Football C...:

Been waiting for this game for quite sometime. I really do need something to take me away from SUB WARS, I`ve also been waiting on price details, so thanks NintendoLife for the news.

A lot of time (6 years) and effort has gone into making this game. Football sims over the years have got so detailed, they seems to have forgoten what these games are all about.

I have a good feeling about this from seeing the Jap release do well . Together, with the great reviews the game got there. I am very happy with the price and did expect it to be around this price.

I would expect a lot of time will be spent on this by me, when I get it next Thursday. A £10 for at least a few hundred hours of gameplay, sounds pretty good to me. A few of my mates are getting this too and can`t wait to swap players and play against them.



WYLD-WOO commented on Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop):

This was a great move by Nintendo and I purchased the full game a day after playing the free-play version. By the way, I`m not really a FPS fan and really didn`t think I would like this game.

Since the release, I`ve developed a serious addiction to the on-line play and have clocked up to level 36. However, this great game is made very frustrating by the serious lack of service from the ever so poor servers.



WYLD-WOO commented on Interview: Renegade Kid on Moon Chronicles and...:

I suppose the lack of FPS games on the 3DS, really comes from no second stick, until the release of the circle pro. Well, that and the number of countless FPS games on other consoles.
I`m the only one that doesn`t like FPS games in my group of friends, but I`m the only one of us that owns a 3DS. However, I really can`t imagine them wanting to play this, not over their brand new gen FPS game.

It`s a real bold move by Renegade Kid to release this on the 3DS. Not only because how many 3DS users actually own a circle pad extension but also is the audience of the 3DS really interested in FPS games.