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WYLD-WOO commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@Kaze_Memaryu - Thanks for ya explaination, I didn't know that about the gbc and I'ts been a long time since I've used one. I'm not a technical person but I've been a gamer for most of my days. I've seen so many different nintendeo handhelds re-designs and new consoles, come and go. Each time IMO, I've never really seen such a massive jump in system quality and I see no difference here. I really don't look at things like CPU's, RAM's etc. I look at what games or unique experience, that console has to offer. Ports for me are not the preferred choice as I've normally played most of the games, that I've already wanted to play. However, there is always a new generation of gamers that would could experience this for the first time. The answer to ya question, Is wait and see, If there are games on that system that you will play that justifys the cost of it. As I've already mentioned, I'm a nintendo fan, so of course I'll be getting one regardless.



WYLD-WOO commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@Kaze_Memaryu - Ok, I see where you are coming from. I was not talking about the re-designs like the micro and XL as examples. I've always seen the gameboy to colour version as an upgrade and the same with colour to advance. The same with as you mentioned the DS systems. Is this not the same thing?

If an improvement of hardware is offered to play better games, is that not classed as an upgrade? I always thought the next handheld system would play Wii quality games, like we have here.



WYLD-WOO commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

First impression of the update are really good. Just played about an hour and Mario Kart was a bit of a Merc fest but dam was it a lot of fun. Hope they show some love for the bikes in the new vechicle dlc.

For those people who won't purchase MK8 dlc, you're going to really miss out on all the fun.



WYLD-WOO commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@Zombie_Barioth - Ok... Thanks for clearing that one up. I do think peoples idea, perception and definition of the term hacker seem to differ and can be lost in translation. One thing, I would say on thinking about this subject. The person(s) enabling people to play region locked games would bring nothing but happiness to lots of people.



WYLD-WOO commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

IMO Nintendo need to look at what is selling on the second hand market for serious money and release them titles. Which I expect to start happening and has in some degree of late. The probem is not enough good value for money VC games still and while I can selling my copy of Fire Emblem on the DS for more than I paid for it when first released.



WYLD-WOO commented on Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Tournamen...:

179 points after 12 races, got in late this evening and it kicked me off before I could finish my last 4 races. Great fun as always Nintendolife, thanks.

@Bacon_Gal_Blaze - You have raised a valid point. Perhaps, there are two lucy X's, which is quite a common tag. Was it defo the same Mii? Also, the lag on on-line causes a problem sometimes. I finish 1st and then l'm 3rd all of a sudden. I'm very confident that Nintendolife has it all under control.



WYLD-WOO commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Set For September Releas...:

@Windy - Hope ya well Sir Windy. Sure, we will see it in the sales at that price over Christmas. Been seeing it on sale all the time on the US store. Quite looking forward to playing this again after feeling a little let down with the last EU scheduled release.



WYLD-WOO commented on QOL Trademark Filings Point to Quality of Life...:

Here is my theory. The QOL will be some form of ipad (l'm calling it a life pad) that has a mixture of old and new touch based games. Imagine a system that would educate and help people with heath of all ages. Think of the possiblities on interaction between some of Nintendo current games like Will fit, brain training, art acadamy to name a few.

I believe many people purchased the DS and Wii for the reason of improving reaction/health or educating themselves. Nintendo want this market share back.



WYLD-WOO commented on Bravely Default Flutters Gracefully Past The O...:

60% of the sales come from western sales, which is quite impressive for a JRPG.

Well, I enjoyed every bit about this game and I'm really glad it was a success.

Even the part(s) some people didn't like!!! For which, I believe it added to the story and gameplay.

Seems like soooo long ago, when I completed this game. HURRY UP SECOND!!!



WYLD-WOO commented on Ace Attorney Trilogy Will Boast Visual and Dia...:

@Tasuki - I more than anyone would love a special edition with all the bells. The massive problem Capcom have is the game series has never had much reply value as @sinalefa has rightly stated. The amount of people that have played this game series through a second-hand purchase is very high.

It's good that the digital market exists as its saved this series for the time being. The digital download provides a profitable means of release for Capcom in the localization of current and future installments of Ace Attorney.