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WolfManZylo commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

Can't wait for 4U, just got off skype with a buddy after playing a 5 hour session of 3U on the Wii U (just finished my silver los World's Demise gunlance).

I'd also like to mention that EVERY monster hunter generation has been released on a home console (MH1, MH2, MH3, MHP3HD, MH3U, Frontier). So I'm not worried about 4, as we'll probably see an HD version sooner or later. Regardless, I'll buy Monster Hunter on whatever console it comes out on. I started the series with Freedom 1 on psp, and have followed it faithfully haha.



WolfManZylo commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

Long time reader and first time commenter, after being inspired by the comments made on the article. The tl;dr of my comment is this: PM has introduced me to a community of great people, and has caused me to go from despising competitive fighting games to loving them.

My experience with the game (PM) has been a very interesting experience. I've always hated fighting games (i.e. street fighter, tekken, etc.) for various reasons, but the last six months have really widened my perspective. A little before 3.0 came out, I was introduced to the mod by some friends over Skype. They would talk on and on about this great mod for brawl, that brought back the melee feeling, and they would go to local tournaments that started incorporating it in to their line up. So being curious and just wanting to get in on the conversation, I downloaded the mod. Now being a smash player since 64, I felt pretty cocky. "Competitive smashers are just a bunch of tryhards taking themselves too seriously, right? I could probably show up to a tournament and place pretty well. I can beat all my friends no problem. I'm better than the casual player".

I was wrong.

After going to one of these tournaments, I learned first hand three things:
1. I was still a casual player regardless if I had thought otherwise.
2. This was not a room filled with a bunch of tryhards.
3. I was having fun losing.

Getting completely demolished at the tournament should have killed my spirits, but every single person I played in matches were so welcoming to a new (and by "new" I mean to competitive smash) player like myself. They would offer advice and tips on how to improve, explained techniques like wave dashing and L-Cancelling, were patient when explaining rules and stage banning (and by the way, it's not all on final destination), etc, etc. What surprised me the most, was it wasn't just melee or project m being played. 64, melee, brawl, and PM were all on scene with large attendance, with a diverse group (and I mean diverse: we're talking otaku to skaters to stoners to thuglife, colors, sizes, hell my buddy even met his girlfriend at one of these things) unified by a common passion.

This went on longer than I wanted, but the point I'm getting at is that project m brought me in to a community I didn't think possible. I've started to get in to more fighters (currently learning BlazBlue:CP), and met many new interesting people because of it. I don't they are trying to fix brawl and make it like melee.

I think they are trying to bring everyone together. Bring the hype for smash 4!