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Fri 5th April, 2013

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wober2 commented on Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a...:

I really wish nintendo would do something drastic to incentive wiiu sales even if it is not good business sense in the short term. I feel like nintendo needs to surprise people with something. Most of their problem is public perception about being not relevant anymore. Every "direct" i keep assuming we are going to see a big surprise. Mario 3d World was such a good game but was constriued by the larger gaming public as another rehashed mario title (and it absolutely was not).

C'mon nintendo give wiiu owners a surprise :) A vague statement, I just hope they step outside their comfort zone a little more, but do not know what that would look like.



wober2 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U Strate...:

I get the feeling that the wiiu is the ugly step child of nintendo... They hardly seemed to talk about it in most of 2013... I get nervous by combining handheld and console departments that most resources just go to 3ds.



wober2 commented on Hands On: Toki Tori 2+:

This update is much better then the previous version. I am not stuck anymore and found some new puzzles. Before I had no idea what I should be doing or if I was missing a puzzle.



wober2 commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

I wonder if nintendo focused more on an online eco system that had more mmo kind of experiences and used servers to alleviate the wiiu's hardware spec short comings, like the xboxone plans todo in the long run with azur.



wober2 commented on Video: The Wii U Difference Ad Campaign Contin...:

I cannot believe how harshly critical people are. I thought the advert was good. This made me smile and conveyed that the wire has game while being quirky weird that separates Nintendo from Sony and Microsoft.



wober2 commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

This is my first time playing and I have to say it holds up phenomenally! It am really enjoying everything about this game especially the art style. Love it so far and the dialogue is surprisingly funny.



wober2 commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

@Araknie I will buy each and everyone of them :D. Kind of playing devils advocate... I do not think the experiences are incredibly unique no, but I was still enjoy solid versions of those games on the wiiu. I do believe nintendo has been playing it safe on console, handheld seems more adventurous...



wober2 commented on Ian Livingstone: Nintendo Should Have Their IP...:

Sucks that young people are not buying the 3ds so much in the US. I think the device and OS are very elegant for playing games. I want the better mobile games to come to 3ds :D I more fully enjoy games on that platform then ipad.



wober2 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

that red display gave me nightmares! I would not mind taking the gameplay but adapt the graphics. There is only two games I thought would deserve to be remembered. Mario battle and the wario game.



wober2 commented on Mutant Mudds Developer Muses on Wii U Design:

I think something that stood out a little more like the gamecube would of gone a long way for people not to be confused. Nintendo has been having a hard time telling people about its console. Something very different might of helped.