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Love J-Idols, manga, comics, movies, tokusatsu, animation, Hatsune Miku, and Hello Kitty. Just getting back into video games. :3

Wed 10th July, 2013

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WitchSugoi commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Welp, for a second there I thought I would have to choose between the N3DS or going for the card I want in LLSIF but it looks like Nintendo made the decision for me. Only interested in the smaller model so if it doesn't make it over here then I won't be upgrading.



WitchSugoi commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

The SD placement looks very inconvenient but it's honestly not a issue for me. In the year I've had my 3DS I've only taken my SD card out once and that was to copy it's contents to the new one I bought to replace it.

I'm more worried about the screws but I guess the faceplates had to be secured somehow.



WitchSugoi commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

So instead of just making smaller games with known IP's that could see big returns (hello Megaman), they're just going to pump more money into like... two (?) franchises and hope each installment continues to do gangbusters? I'll say it once again, some companies deserve to fail.

I will be positively gleeful if/when Revelations 2 fails to reach that mark.



WitchSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. Takes the Lead in Japan Once...:

Ouch that drop for Bayonetta. I was hoping it would have at least hung in there a few more weeks to reach 100K in the long run but that seems out of the question now.

Yokai Watch's success is just insane, it'll probably hit 3 million before the year is up. I'm really curious as to how it'll fare in the West but Level 5 has no excuse not to try with these figures.

LOL @ Destiny



WitchSugoi commented on Atlus Releases Zen and Junpei Character Traile...:

I kind of want this game just for that cutie pie Rei.

I've never played a Persona or SMT game though... there will probably be a lot of references I don't get and that's okay I'm just mainly concerned if my lack of experience with the franchise will hinder my enjoyment of this game.



WitchSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. Slams the Competition Yet Ag...:


I agree and I actually think Bayonetta's sales aren't bad considering the circumstances either. People need to remember that this is the Japanese market, there's a different (and imho more reasonable) measure of success there. Most niche or anime related titles can expect to sell roughly 30K/40K in their first weeks. You're only going to see those six or seven figures for the most popular franchises or stuff like Senran Kagura that's still niche but managed to secure a big dedicated base.



WitchSugoi commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

I don't get this generation of gamers at all.

The point of having three different consoles is for their exclusives. Yet, they moan and whine every time there's a timed exclusive or in this case where the game wouldn't even freaking exist if it weren't made as an exclusive. If there are games you want on other consoles THEN BUY THE COTTON PICKING CONSOLE THAT'S THE REASON THEY HAVE THOSE EXCLUSIVES IN THE FIRST PLACE MORONS! But no, you're so married to a freaking brand that you won't ever see a dime from that the thought of actually going after what you want is blasphemous. Unbelievable.

Kamiya sounds so freaking done with these thick skulled fanboys, honestly he's justified to be a whole lot more snappy but obviously that wouldn't be professional.



WitchSugoi commented on Capcom Shows Off Comparison Screens For Phoeni...:

Wait... people aren't seeing a difference? I actually think it may be a bit too much of a difference in the way the text is laid out and the colors are a little too matte for my taste. Also why are the Trilogy scenes zoomed in closer? Yeah, and the jagged lineage on the DS versions are very much apparent here, yeesh.

Still, this will be a day one purchase for me. I've been holding off playing these games and Dual Destinies for a long time just to take advantage of this deal. Too bad AA4 and Investigations weren't included to sweeten the pot but eh.



WitchSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. Continues Chart Domination i...:

I was actually expecting these numbers. For a title that didn't exactly light the world on fire on systems with much larger install bases, I think these sales are pretty reasonable.Hopefully it can hang in there a while and reach 100K in the long run.

@WanderingPB The gaming industry has to be the only one I know of that refers to their most casual of audiences as hardcore. Everywhere else, the term "core" is easily definable and you know it's talking about the people that actually sink a lot of time and money into their hobby. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer but there's something amiss when I play more systems and games than little Jimmy "Hardcore" who only plays GTA, insert overhyped first person shooter of the year here and the annual COD/AC releases on his Xbox or Playstation.



WitchSugoi commented on Atlus Just Can't Stop Offering Discounts, With...:

If Atlus keeps doing these discounts because the games' sales are really slow in the meantime, don't they think it may be because of these frequent discounts? I'm never going to bother getting any of these games at full price since it seems another round of discounts will be just around the corner. Idk what the situation is exactly but there just seems to be a circle effect going on here.

Anyway, good to know if these week's Smash sale falls short I can give Atlus some money instead.



WitchSugoi commented on Video: New Bravely Second Trailer Sets The Sce...:

Still need to play the first but somehow I'm hyped for the second all the same. Got to give it to Square Enix, they do know how to make a beautifully presented game. And music from ryo (supercell)? The only thing that could be sweeter is if they got Kajiura Yuki to compose, that would have gotten a preorder from me for sure.



WitchSugoi commented on Nintendo Reveals Details on the Third Week of ...:

The two titles I would have went for I already have. Lame. And what a ripoff using Wit Fit for the Mii representation. Tomodachi Life was released several months ago, a discount would have hardly killed it.

I already bought Triple Deluxe yesterday on impulse but I still hope it's discounted next week, Kirby deserves to send out this promotion with a bang.



WitchSugoi commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):


Will do. :)

Btw... where are the Smash sales? I thought we had another couple of weeks of them but no article was made and I don't see them here...?

Edit: Oh wait, nvm I see the link now. Apparently the sales were so lame this week NL could not be bothered to give them a separate article. Understandable. :P



WitchSugoi commented on Cooking Mama 5 Becomes a Little Too Real at La...:

Ah, she's cute. She does give me vibes of someone who regularly works with children or Special Ed kids. Maybe I'm just a big kid because I smiled big when 'Mama' came in at the end.

I really want to try to that Cornette recipe.



WitchSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Thrashes the Competi...:

Hmm, perhaps Nintendo should have waited and released this the same time the new 3DS hit stores. Likely would have had more of an impact on hardware there. Still impressive results and given this was only a couple of days, I reckon it'll still be on top this week with some big figures.

Surprised Japan even cared about Destiny at all and enough to actually give the PS4 a boost?



WitchSugoi commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Some of my fondest video game memories are with this handled box. I remember getting this Christmas morning and playing Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance with the family all day, long weekends with my parents playing REmake, and long nights playing Sonic Mega Collection solo. Simply a marvelous system.



WitchSugoi commented on Feature: Meet The Unsung Pioneer Behind The Mo...:


Always cool to read stories like this, whenever we come across a terrible movie/game/show/etc. I imagine one of the first things that come to mind is "what were they thinking?!" . Doesn't really register what goes into good entertainment actually getting made.



WitchSugoi commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

You code fishers are amusing but can you please use the appropriate the thread and stop hijacking every Smash related article?

Any hoot, I'm not too bothered about more Ninty related demos myself however, it'd be utterly brilliant of them to do this for Splatoon and the Wii U version of Smash.

Now, lemme go pray for humanity because I just realized there's a Pokemon demo on the way.