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Mon 21st Dec 2009

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Willtard commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

The lack of the Mother trilogy (including Earthbound) on VC is a shame. I really think Nintendo could generate quite a following if they released the series in its entirety stateside.

Mother 1 was never released in the U.S., although apparently was fully localized. Therefore, assuming this is true, getting Mother 1 on VC should not be a lot harder than any other NES game. Mother 2 (Earthbound) apparently has a number of potential copywrite issues. However, it should be noted that Earthbound was re-released in Japan on GBA in 2003. I am not sure what has happened since 2003 that is not stopping its release. Mother 3 is obviously the most difficult. There are no GBA games on VC and this game has not been officially translated.

However, if Nintendo made it happen, there are thousands of people that would pay premium prices for these titles. I think the even more significant benefit would be the appreciation that Nintendo received from releasing these titles and the potential customer loyalty that this could create.

Obviously I don't understand all of the nuances. But, damn, Nintendo, make it happen!